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To measure the sensible heat of the air you should use a _____ bulb thermometer.
To measure the Enthalpy or total heat content of the air you should use a _____ bulb thermometer.
Specific Humidity of the air is also known as
Grains of moisture
Air is a mixture of many types of gases and is known as
Dry air and wet air
At sea Level, 70deg dry air is known as _____ air
T/F Relative Humidity is a comparison of the amount of moisture in the air to the amount of moisture the air can hold at a given temp.
What is 100% humidity?
When wet bulb,dew point temp and dry bulb temp are all the same
the ___ ____ temp of the air is the temp at which water vapor in the air can start to condense and separates from the air.
Dew point
The spacific heat value of standard air is____ btu's per pouind of air per degree of change.
When air is heated, it expands, therefore, the specific volume would_____, the specific density would______ and the Wet bulb temp would______.
increase, decrease,increase
one cubic foot of dry air will weigh _____ than one cubic foot of wet air.
The amount of space that one pond of air will occupy is known as ____ ____ and is measure in CU. ft/lb.
specific volume.
What are the two basic types of valves used on Reciprocating Compressors.
Reed and Ring
The function of the compressor is to take a refigerant vapor at a _____ pressure and temp and raise it to a____ pressure and temp.
low, high
The mechanical shaft seals are necessary for a
open type compressor design
Refrigeration compressors may be lubricated by either or both th____ method or the _____ method.
splash, pump type.
during re-expansion portion of the compressor cycle
the discharge and suction valves are closed
the ithe clearance volume were to be increased, what will happen to the compressor capacity?
lower the compressor capacity
all refrigeration compressor valves aopened and cloed by________?
pressure difference
Liquid slugging during the operation is
liquid refrigerant in the compressor clearance space
compressor Ratio for a refrigeration compressor is
the ratio of the absolute suction pressure to the absolute dicharge pressure.
in a full hermetic compressor style both_____ and _____ are totally enclosed
what are the three construction styles of reciprocating compressors?
Serviceable hermetic, welded hermetic, open type
What are three main types of refrigeration compressors?
Centrifugal,rotary, reciprocating.
what is the compression ratio for r-22 lowside pressure 60.7psig, highside pressure 243.5psig?
What type of compressor valve use springs to keep the valve closed?
Ring valve only