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No more firings, osborne says
Henry J Cordes
Osborne wants to see if things will work out and not fire Steve Pederson

feels bad for players who feel responsible

"It's not automatic" = Osborne - remembers being nervous at 6th or 7th game in his day

some think Callahan could do more
recruiting news gets better for NU
Mitch Sherman
no. 1 in recruiting according to, but just lost a season and no bull game

first not a bull since '68

Receivers Coach Turner Gill and secondary Coach Phil Elmassian

can recruit - 6 in face, off campus meetings, only 1 for head coach for 36 days before Jan 30

bringing recruits to team's end of season banquet

signing is the weeks before february 2
nebraska ends worse season since 1961
rich kaisput
biggest step back in 43 years

"sometimes you need to start over in order to really appreciate what happened in the past" - joe daily, sophomore quarterback

77661 ppl witnessed defear, including me

35 year bull streak
42 year non loosing season streak
both over
268 consecutive sell-out streak still there

"The end of Husker streaks35 consecutive bowls: ended in 200442
consecutive nonlosing seasons: ended in 200424 consecutive wins against
Missouri: ended in 200340 consecutive winning seasons: ended in 200233
consecutive nine-win seasons: ended in 200233 consecutive years ranked in
final AP Top 25: ended in 2002348 consecutive weeks in AP Top 25: ended in 200254 consecutive weeks in AP Top 10: ended in 200226 consecutive home
wins: ended in 200236 consecutive games unbeaten against Oklahoma
State: ended in 2002"
bowled over
Omaha world herald front page
11-27-2004Elizabeth Merrill
5-6 season
17 year old quarterback Harrison Beck
"the Future"
New recruit adds depth to Huskers at quarterback
Elizabeth Merrill
front page
Zac Taylor approached by kid
- yes to Cornhuskers (21st commitment)
battling Joe Daily and Harrison Beck for his job
may get job even though Harrison is "golden boy"
- has two more years of experience
210 pounds
threw for more than 2,600 yards
Ruud Claims Chamberlin
Omaha world herald
barret ruud wins chamberlin
jake anderson and steve kriewald received to Nebraska football honors too
news media picked ruud
showed qualitya dn dedication of GUy Chamberlin
also MVP for defensive line
Junior I-back Cory Ross - offensive MVP
Brandon Rigoni - special teams MVP
Joe Ganz and Andy Kadavy - scout-team MVP

300 ppl at banquet
Angry Critics of husker regime show they're spolied by success
OMaha World Herald
34 yr. old fan who is pissed off
1941 = 21 year span where Huskers lost 17 seasons
- come backs before
Frank Solich also targeted
Pederson focuses on Solich whose firing is deplored on