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HD affects what structures most? the ____ which consists of the ____ and the _____, with the latter being affected most significantly
certain basal ganglia structures: striatum (putamen + caudate nucleus)--caudate nucleus in particular; nucleus accumbens to a lesser extent
what is the triad of clinical sxs found in HD (i.e. sxs in these 3 areas)?
motor sx, cognitive sx, behavioral sx (to be elaborated in following cards)
name some of the motor sxs seen in HD
involuntary movements (usu. choreiform); unsteady gait (appear intoxicated); abnormalities in eye movements; difficulty with speech and swallowing
name some bx changes in HD
personality change, depression, mood swings
name some npsych findings in HD when progressed (as with other subcortical dementias): deficits in the domains of ___ and ___, difficulty with the ____ aspect of memory, and ____aphasia
executive fxs, attention;
retrieval (recognition mem. rel. preserved); anomic
on what criterion does the dx of HD traditionally rest?
emergence of chorea (choreiform movement d/o)
HD is a (static/progressive) illness that is (lethal/nonlethal) with a usual onset in the __ to __ decades
progressive (of course, as a neurodegenerative illness), lethal, 3rd to 5th
what tx helps to delay onset/slow decline in HD? what tx may help with chorea sxs?
there is none presently; antidopaminergic agents
mood disorders occur in approx(1/4, 1/2, 3/4) of pts with HD
Huntington Study Group created the HD battery UHDRS, assessing motor, cog, bx and functional sxs. Includes these 3 tests, which are among those that are sensitive to basal ganglia dysfx:
Stroop, Digit Symbol, Verbal Fluency
initial sxs in HD usually include subtle ___ and motor ______, and disturbances in ____
chorea, clumsiness, behavior
common pyschiatric manifestations of HD include _____ disorders, _____ disorder, and/or impulsive or destructive ____-like behavior
affective, obs.compulsive, manic
atrophy of the caudate and putamen in HD can cause the __________ to appear enlarged in MRI or CT scans
lateral ventricles