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A common metabolic process for synthesizing nonessential amino acids.
Amino acids that can los their amino group without transferring it to another carbon skeleton. Example?
ex: glutamic acid
Nitrogenous waste product of protein metabolism; the major source of nitrogen in the urine.
dietary proteins that contain ample amounts of all nine essential amino acids.
High-quality (complete) proteins
the essential amino acid in lowest concentration in a food or diet relative to body needs.
Limiting amino acid
2 food protein sources that make up for each other's inadequate supply of specific essential amino acids; together they yield a sufficient amount of all nine and, so, provide high-quality (complete) protein for the diet.
Complementarty protein
what is one way of classifying proteins?
the # of amino acids present.
2 amino acids chemically bonded together form a ________.
50 or more amino acids.
A chemical bond formed to link amindo acids in a protein.
Peptide Bond.