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Believe in the worth and dignity of the individual
"New Platonism"
Atmospheric (aerial) Perspective
using colors and sharpness in a subject
one movement corporations
Word Paintings
expression emotion (music)
Oil Paintings
pigments mixed with linseed oil
Secular Music
not religious music
vocal compilation for small group of people
Definition of Renaissance
Petrarch is known as what?
the father of humanism
Renaissance has emphasis on what 4 things?
1.classical art
3.entrust in the individual
Four Major painters of the Renaissance were?
What did Brunelleschi design?
Dome of Florence Cathedral
Cosimo de' Medici built what?
public library
Oil Paintings were made by mixing what?
pigments and linseed oil
Leonardo painted two major paintings, what were they?
Mona Lisa and The Last Super
Who was Mannerism style paintings intended for?
The upper class
High Renaissance ended with the death of who?
Lorenzo the Magnificent invested in what?
gemstones and vases
Who thought up the idea of "Predestination"?
John Calvin
What was Palestrina famous for?
church music
Leonardo was not only a painter, but what else?
military designer
What type of painting was Titan's Bacchanal?
oil painting
John Calvin had 5 major beliefs we studied. They were what?
1.human born into sin
2.God is all powerful superior to good works
4.salvation thru God's grace as you are obeying God's word