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612 - 509 BC

Apollo of Veii
Etruscan Couple
Roman Republican
509 - 31 BC

Bust of Cicero
Aulus Metellus
Augustan Rome
31 BC - 14 AD

Vergil's Aeneid
Roman Forum
Ara Pacis
Augustus of Prima Porta
Garden fresco from villa of Livia
Imperial Rome
14 AD - 476 AD

Villa of Mysteries
Atrium of the House of the Silver wedding
Arch of Titus
Marcus Aurelius
Pont du Gard
Basilica of Constantine
Head of Constantine
Arch of Constantine
Early Christian
300 AD - 500 AD

Christ Teaching the Apostles
Old St. Peter's
Augustine's Confessions
Church of the Holy Seplcher
476 - 1453 AD

Hagia Sophia
Mausoleum of Galla Placidia
San Vitale
Christ Pantocrator
Early Medieval
500 - 800 AD

St Benedict's Rule
Sutton Hoo Treasure
Book of Kells
Carolingian Renaissance
800 - 900 AD

Equestrian Fig. of Charlemagne
Gospel book of Charlemagne
Utrecht Psalter
Chapel of Charlemagne
Plan for an Ideal Monestary
Gregorian Chant