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The Renaissance from 1350 to 1500 was dominated by _______.
The massive decline of Europe's population in the 14th century is mainly attributed to __________.
The Black Death, which swept over Europe during the latter half of the century.
During the 14th cent, which of the following school of thought came under attack?
The 14th century witnessed a huge loss of life and dislocation, and an ensuing rise of _______________.
A major difference between mysticism and scholasticism was to be found in the former's ______________.
seperation of reason and absolution
The Italian humanists of the 14th century believed that __________.
man distinguished himself from all other animals in his capacity to use words to express himself, those induviduals who best expressed themselves were most human, and outer speech was a reflection of one's inner state.
The leading center of humanistic studies during the 15th cent. was _____________.
The scholary endeavors of the humanists led them _____________________.
gradually to develop a sense of change and development of historicity.
The first of the Italian humanists is generally considered to be _________________.
The Florentine humanists deserve the credit for being the first thinkers in Europe since the fall of Rome to develop a _______________.
Theory of republican government
Petrarch's pioneering achievement included _______________.
The developement of an appreciation for ancient life and thought in it's historical context.
Contemporary political theory regarding a republic government can be traced back to the early works of ____________.
The orgins of Bruni's theory of republican government can be traced back to the works of _________________.
Aristotle and Cicero
"Our form of governing the state aims at achieving liberty and equality for each and every citizen" Which of the following would lend support to the above?
In his Oration of the Dignity of Man, Pico della Mirandola stresses ______________.
Free will
The old city hall in Florence, the Palazzo Vecchio, remains one of ________ architecture.
In his Latin treatise On Architecture, Leon Battista Alberti asserts that the architecture and planning of cities should be based on a rational analysis of ____________.
needs, site and climate.
In his Latin treatise On Architecture, Leon Battista Alberti maintains that buildings should be considered hierarchy based on significance as follows:
churches, civic and mercantile structures, housing (from most to least important)
Leon Battista Alberti believed that perfection in architecture was achieved by emulating which of the following geometric forms?
The square and circle
The Italian fresco painter Giotto primarily _________________.
Looked at nature for the source of his art.
Filippo Brunelleschi was ______________.
Responsible for the development of linear perspective.
Linear perspective translates _____________.
3-D space onto a 2-D plane.
The purpose of perspective as a tool of Christian art was to ________________.
Engage the viewer in the scene presented.
The work of Sandro Botticelli that best states in visual terms the spirit of the florentine Renaissance under Lorenzo de'Medici is _______________________.
Lorenzo de'Medici is best remembered today as a ________________.
Poet and musician.
An intimate bond between _______ and __________ was the goal of the Renaissance composers working in the company of the Italian humanists.
word; tone
Which of the following was not part of the music composer's art of the Renaissance as we know it today?
harmonic modulation
Which of the following discoveries enabled artists to produce lifelike 3-D paintings?
Niccolo Machiavelli's most famous work, a political treatise, is entitled ________.
The Prince.
Niccolo Machiavelli's work deal with the problem central to any political thinker, the conflict between __________________.
liberty and order.
"The mortality of the successful ruler is unlike that of the private citizen" Machiavelli would have _____________.
Wholly supported the above statement.
Leonardo da Vinci was a(n) ______________________.
architect, engineer, botanist, painter, and musican.
Leonardo da Vinci studied ____________.
Hydraulics, geology, and human anatomy.
Leonardo da Vinci painted ______________________.
The Mona Lisa, Adoration of the Magi, and The Madonna on the Rocks.
Which of the following is not a work by Michelangelo?
The Spearbearer.
Michelangelo sought meaning primarily in _____________.
Intense christianity.
Northern humanism directed its attention to ____________.
The ancient texts of the Christian religion.
The Colloquies were writeen by the northern humanist _________________.
Desiderius Erasmus.
Erasmus believed that _______________________.
Christian belief should be reflected in one's conduct.
"The world has become my monastery" is a quotation from ______________________.
Erasmus was the first great European writer to make use of ________________.
The Printing Press.
Which of the following believed that God predestined the human soul either to heaven or hell?
Martin Luther and John Calvin.
Martin Luther's translation of the Old and New Testaments served as the basis for _______________.
The modern German language.
Martin Luther's view differed from those of the Chruch on several issues. Which of the following statements reflects one of Luther's beliefs?
No man can cooperate with God in his own salvation.
In comparing Luther's beliefs with those of Erasmus, one sees that _____________________.
Both men attacked not only Church abuses but doctrines as well.
Michel de Montaigne was one of the first Europeans to understand and portray the __________ that the new travels and discoveries made possible.
Cultural relativism
Michel de Montaigne doubted ___________.
The possibility of establishing certitude in religion and the power of reason to establish laws of nature and society in the world.
The works of Shakespeare mainly reflect the ___________ culture.
Renaissance- Reformation.
Most of Shakespeare's plays were performed in ____________.
The Globe Theater.
Shakespeare's plays have been generally classified in four catagories: comedies, tragedieds, histories, and _____________.
The typical theater audiences in Elizabethan England consisted of ____________.
All social classes.