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Greek temple Architecture:
Known for its _____, harmony, and classic simplicity
The first temples were made of mud, brick, and wood. Later, ____ came into use.
The construction of the greek architecture was?
Post and Lintel
-___ pointed flutes on a wide column (much thicker at the base)
-3 steps
-____with square _____ and _____
-Plain, single branded architrave
-Frieze with alternating _____ and painted or sculptured _____
Doric Order (Earliest)
-Capital, abacus, echinus
-tryglyphs, metopes
Doric Illustrations:
-The temple of _____(the Basilica) in Paestum, Italy (c. 550 B.C.)
-No mestopes, tryglyphs, pediments, or cornice
Hera I
Standard Doric Style:
-___ columns on the end
-___ on the side
6, 14
Doric Illustrations:
-Temple of _____(Tiemple of Poseidon) in Paestom, Italy c. 460 B.C.
-It has a ____ and ____ (not on Hera I)
Hera II
-pediment, cornice
____: a group of temples high atop a hill in Athens
-The ____: the largest temple of the grouping (doric).
-Designed by _____ and _______.
-Ottman Empire stored bombs=blew up ____
-Golden Mean: 1-1.618
-Flaws: middle goes up (steps and pediments)
-Humanists: built imperfections to show that humans can't be perfect
-Law of optics: built convex to look perfectly straight
-All temple sculpture designed and supervised by ____
-Partheon, Ictinus, Kallicrates
-one wall
Ionic Order:
-___ flutes seperated by thin vertical bands (squared off)
-Uniform thinkness (shaft)
-Tripartile Architrave has 3 thin bands
-Continuos ____ of painting and sculpture
The temple of ____ ____ (Ionic Order) also known as the Temple of Wingless Victory
Athena Nike
Hecate, Hephaestus, Demeter, Kore in a ____ from the Temple of Athena Nike
The Erechthium (named for person who built it)
-Ionic Order
-Posidon and Athena fought for being the idol of Athens
-Athena won because she offered olive trees
-Posidon offered horses
-Place most _____
-Building is ____: Athena, Erecthius, and Porch of Maidens (Posideon)
The Porch of Maidens with Caryatids(shafts)
-Deintle ___, which is dents in archatrite
-Plienth: holds up a porch
*Only nonform order in ____
The Propylaea (fortified gateway)-Doric
-Designed by _____ was left unfinishe
-Athena Nike on right hand side of Acropulius
Classic Greek Sculpture:
-Posedion(or maybe___)
-Idealized (humanistic)
-Mathmatical proportion=rational thinkers
Artemis (Goddess of hunting, moon, and sister of ____)
-Apollo and Artemis were Ying and Yang
-Attributed to ______
Aphrodite (Goddess of ___)
-attributed to Praxiteles
Hermes(adult)and Dionysos (child)
-attributed to ______
The Laoccon Group
-During the Trojan War, Laoccon, Trojan ____ to Apollo, told Trojeans to not accept Greek horse, but Posiden and Athena sent two serpents to prevent him from finding Greeks in the wooden horse after putting a spear in the side of it
-statue expressive of muscles and facial expression
Battle of the Greeks and ____
Partheon Metope
Lapith and Centaur
Partheon Pediment Sculpture
The Three Goddesses
-Clothed female figures