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5. pericles
Most renown and extraordinary figure during the Classical Age of Athens giving way to direct democracy
34. Panhellenic games
greek term identified with olympics
26. ahura mazda
"wise lord" major god in Persian Zoroastrian creed
29. Agamemnon & Mycenea
King and capitol of Mycenean civilization. Myceneans first greeks
6. Orchestra & Proscenium
greek ampitheatre
36. Kouros
in greek "youth"
38. Palace of Minos at Knossos
advanced in architecture, running water
20. Contrapposto
juxtaposition of bodily parts
25. Altar to Zeus
hellenistic shrine, city of Pergamon, world's largest sculpted freize
21. Amphora, Krater, Hydria
vessels used for everyday use
40. Euclid & Archimedes
Most renown scientists in the Hellenistic Era; Geometrician and Engineer
23. Aristophanes & Lysistrata
Most important Athenian comedian and theatrical representation played during the final phase of Peloponnesian War
27. Herodotus
Father of modern historical method
22. Archaic, Classic, Hellenistic
Three styles of Greek Sculpture
12. Heraclitus
"Change is at the basis of reality"
28. Natural philosophers
Hellenic pre-socratic thinkers
33. Symmetry
correspondence of opposite sides
10. Vitruvian model
da Vinci's model of man
35. Red figure type
vessel painting, realism
24. Pythagoras
father of pure mathematics