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What is the name of the Hoplite's shield?
Name 3 differences between the Spartan Hoplites and the Athenian Hoplites
1 Colour of armour 2 Long hair 3 Calmness and discipline
Who are the Hoplites?
A Greek soldier that fights in a formation known as a phalanx
Name 3 Advantages and disadvantages of a phalanx?
1 Well protected soldiers 2 Harder to overwhelm 3 Easier to hold ground. 1 Requires a lot of discipline 2 If phalanx is broken battle is most likely lost 3 Left side is completely vulnerable.
What is the cuirass?
The bronze breastplate that the Hoplites used
What are the greaves?
The bronze shin plates that the Hoplites used
What weapons would the Hoplite be armed with?
A short spear with a large bronze head and a smaller bronze spike at the bottom. A short sword about 60 cm.
What was the purpose of the opposing phalanx during battle?
To break the enemies phalanx.
What is a phalanx?
A formation when the Hoplites would lock shields together and have their spears over the shields
Which city state was the greatest land power and which was the greatest sea power?
Land: Sparta. Sea: Athens
Hide with hair?
Caps. Bedcovers. Robes. coats. mittens.
Tipi Cover
Thread. Arrowhead wrappings. Bowstrings
Dresses. Moccasins. Saddle blankets. Horse blankets. Leggings. Shirts.
Fresh meat. Preserved meat
Fly brush
Underclothes. Tobacco pouches
Cooking bag. Water bucket
Dice. Arrowheads. Hoes. Spoons. Cups. Ladles. Knives. Paint brushes
Saddlebags. Bridles. Shields. Knife sheaths. Rope. Horseshoes. Snowshoes.
What are 5 things that cowboys had to be like?
Be a man on the move
Be white mexican black or indian
Have little education
Be about 24 years old
Don't eat mutton or lamb
What are 5 things that cowboys had to be like?
Get up at 4am
Have a high pain tolerance
Use the word cow to describe any cattle
Spend up to 15 hours a day on a saddle
Be a drifter or loner
What are the indian attitudes to the land?
That it is for hunting only
The land is sacred
The land cannot be owned or sold for it holds the bones of their ancestors
Live as nomads be free upon the great plains.
What are the white attitudes to the land?
Land can be owned
The land belongs to the race that can make it productive e.g the superior race
Why was there such a large demand for beef after the civil war and where?
In north:
Most of the cattle was used to feed the army so there wasn't much meat around.
In east:
Massive populations with small amounts of farmland so not much beef
In south:
Not many people left but massive amounts of beef
What kind of cattle did they send on the cattle drives and why?
The longhorn steer because it was tough and it was cheap to bring up
What was the price per head of cattle for longhorns at the south and at Chicago
South: 4$ a head
North/East: 40$ a head
Why did the cowboys herd the longhorns to chicago?
Railway system to east
Beef market companies which will pay 40$ a head
Why is Bangalore a boom town?
Because of the IT industry which needs a large and skillful workforce.
What are the costs and benefits of Bangalore?
More money for average citizen. Better communication systems. Better airplane system. Housing prices skyrocketing. Electric and water shortages. Traffic congestions. Rubbish and waste problems.
What is the estimated value of the IT industry in Bangalore?
2.2 Billion.
When was the black hole of calcutta?
What is the story about the black hole of calcutta?
The English developed the east india trading company to use India's vast farmland to mass produce cash crops. So one of the Indian princes Saraj ud dalah attacked and captured the english settlement in Calucutta and chucked 146 of the prisoners into a military prison known as the black hole of calcutta. Since it was only 8 by 6 metres only 23 of the prisoners survived the next day.
Why was England so determined to turn India into a colony?
Because India had masses of farmland in which the English could produce cash crops from as well as its vast natural wealth such as diamonds and its large workforce.
What is the himilayas effect?
It is when all the mountains in the himilayas block all the snow frost and cold winds from Russia and China.
What are the 3 seasons that India has and when?
March-May Hot season
June-September Monsoon season
October-February Cold Season
What are the ghats?
Mountain ranges
What are three important things about the ganges river?
Spiritual: The ganges is said to have flowed through heaven itself and millions make a pilgramage there to bathe in its waters. Economical: The ganges deposits massive amounts of fertile silt on the land which is great for crops.
Geographical: The ganges is one of the longest rivers in the world over 2500km
How do you work out the rate of natural increase?
Births - Deaths + immigrants
India's population has very steep sides what does this mean?
It has a high birth rate and low life expectancy
What factors can change birth rates and death rates?
Improved health and sanitation.
Natural disasters.
Availability of family planning.
Education for girls and women.
Changes in the age of marriage.
Changes in peoples ideas of family size.
Changes in peoples wealth and the standard of living.
When did India earn its independance?
How did the British take over India?
The British army defeated the Indian army.
The British took over most of India's trade.
The British made Indians pay taxes and rent to landowners.
The British set up Industries in India.
What benefits did British rule bring to India?
National railway system.
English language was introduced.
National education system.
Export crops introduced
How often does India take a census?
Once every 10 years
What is a delta?
The end of a river where all the mud and soil is washed up.