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The Composer of Carmina Burana and Die Kluge is:
Carl Orff
George Gershwin wrote all of the following:
An American in Paris; Porgy and Bess; Cuban Overture; Rhapsody in Blue
Fernand Leger was a contemporary of who?
A major rucurrent theme in the compositions of Willem de Kooning is:
The first American writer to popularize the American Indian in literature was
In a popular short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bernice...
Bobs her hair.
Structural elements of architecture such as the pointed arch and the flying buttress were extensively used in the period known as
The Gothic Period
The most intrinisically American and most durable of all motion picture genres is
the western
"I have found that all the bronze my furnace contained had been exhausted in the head of this figure [of the statue of Perseus]....It was a miracle....I seemed to see in this head the head of God."

This statement was made by
Which of the following plays was not written by Shakespeare?

Titus Andronicus; Dr. Faustus; Love's Labour's Lost; The Tempest; Coriolanus
Dr. Faustus
The monarch known as the "Sun King" was
Louis XIV of France
The difference between sonata and sonata-allegro is
The sonata is a multi-movement work which might contain one or more movements in sonata-allegro form.
Impressionism in music originated in France under the leadership of
Debussy and Ravel
Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest artists of the period known as
The high Renaissance
The word philosophy means literally
love of wisdom
The play that shows the downfall of a man as a result of biological urges or his social environment is called
deterministic tragedy
The unresolved or "open" ending is one of the trademarks of
modern plays and cinema
Dante's Divine Comedy contains how many cantos?
The origins of Baroque architecture can be traced to Sonsovino, Palladio, and
In the theater, a conventional character, a type that recurs in numerous works, is called
a stock character
The greatest ballet dancer of the beginning of the 20th century and prima ballerina of the Maryinsky Theater was
Anna Pavlova
Polyphonic texture is
A combination of melodies
The Tempest is a play of airy fancy and romantic charm, but it cannot be mistaken for a young man's work because
we know that it was the best play that Shakespeare ever wrote
A Danish writer, best known for the Seven Gothic Tales and Winter's Tales, was
Isak Dinesen
A well-known Spanish court painter of the 18th century was