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What is Humanities?
the inter-disciplinary study of identity, culture, and art.
What is identity?
A person's conception of his/her self & group affiliations.
What is culture?
Ways of thinking and doing passed from one generation to another.
What is art?
Expressions of human creativity.
What is cultural centrism?
The belief that a certain culture's standards should be used to judge other cultures.
What is cultural relativism?
The belief that people should only be judged by their own standards.
What is a caliph?
Leader of the unified Islamic religion.
What are the denominations of Judaism?
Orthodox, reform, and humanist.
What is culture?
Ways of thinking passed from one generation to another.
What are three religions that originated in the middle east?
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
What is the name of the 3 religions Judaism, Christianity, & Islam called?
The Abrahamic Religion
What are the core values of Christianity?
The 10 commandments and many other rules in the Bible.
What was the holy book of Judaists?
The Torah
What was the holy book of the Christians?
The bible
What was the holy book of the Muslims?
The Quaran
What are the core values of Islam?
The five pillars of faith, also known as the Hadith.
What are the five pillars of faith?
What is Shahada?
Testimony of faith
That all Muslims believe there is no prophet.
What is Salat?
The Muslims pray five times a day at certain times facing Mecca.
What is zakat?
All Muslims should donate a portion of their earnings to Muslim charities.
What is Siyam?
At holy parts of the year especially Rammadon, Muslims should fast- not eat a full meal from sunrise to sunset
What is Hajj?
The idea that all good Muslims should show devotion-give up something that they like, and that they should make at least one good trip to Mecca.
What language was the bible originally written in?
What language was the book of Islam, the holy Quaran originally written in?
What language was the book of the Jews, the Torah, originally written in?
The Torah
What does all 3 religions refer to?
Star of david-judaism
Crescent moon and star-Islam
What did colonialism originate from?
The people that have been in the middle east for thousands of years.
What does the background of the crescent moon and star represent and what color is it?
It is green and it represents fertility.