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----------invade Italian Peninsula, after the beginning of the 1st millennium BCE
experts in arts of metallurgy, town building, and city planning
brought westward their alphabet and their commercial and maritime skills.
colonized the tip of the italian peninsula and sicily, were masters of philosophy and the arts
the greeks
Powerful class of wealthy landowners
vPopulous class of small farmers
A series of 3 wars fought between Rome and the Phoenician city of Carthage.
punic wars
Naval battle. Both sides suffered heavily. Rome is victorious and takes Sicily
first punic war
Invasion of Hannibal. Battle goes into Africa, and Carthage is defeated in the battle of Zama
second punic war
what battle is carthage defeated in the second punic war?
battle of zama
Forceful and disciplined backbone of the Empire.
Roman army
By the end of 1st cent. BCE, the empire invaded N. Africa, Iberian peninsula, Greece, Egypt, and SW Asia.
dominated area during roman imperialism
what is responsible for the collapse of the repubic
entered Rome and established a dictatorship to enact reform
julius caesar
Addition of July and AugusT
calendar reform
Formation rostras, aqueducts, roads, etc
public works reform
A balance in taxes
Regulated Taxation
Were all reforms of julius caesar
Calander Reform, public works reform, regulated taxes
How was caesar assinated?
Gaius Cassius Longinus & Marcus Junius Brutus Conceived a plot with other senators to assasinate Ceasar, and executed plot on March 15th, 44BCE
ensues for the rule of Rome between Augustus and Mark Antony and Queen Cleopatra
Battle for Roman Rule
combined force defeated by augustus
Mark Anthony and Cleopatra
An era of peace and stability
Pax Romana
Water Channels)
roads were paved to connect the
vast land
Commemoration of military victory (destruction of Jerusalem) 70AD
Arch of Titus