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A birth control method based on body temperature changes before and after ovulation
Basal body temperature method
Calendar method
A birth control method based on abstinence from intercourse during calendar-estimated fertile days.
A sheath that fits over the penis and is used for protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
A small, plastic device that is inserted into the uterus for contraception
Intrauterine device (IUD)
A birth control method based on determining the time of ovulation by means of the cyclical changes of the cervical mucus.
Mucus method
Noncoital forms of sexual intimacy.
A birth control method that requires couples to avoid unprotected intercourse for a 12-day period in the middle of the menstrual cycle
Standard days method
Male sterilization procedure that involves removing a section from each vas deferens.
Depo Povera
Birth control shot taken every 12 weeks; only use if not planning to have children anytime soon
factors related to human error when using contraceptive
douchung, nursing, withdrawl, putting condom on wrong, etc..
3 types of male condoms
latex, polyurethane and natural skin
prevents birth but not conception
birth control
prevents conception
correct use of a diaphram
squeeze jelly around rim, squeeze jelly inside, insert rim side up and make sure it covers the cervix completely. leave in for at least 8 hours
Emergency contraception
birth control pill taken within 72 hours or insert copper t iud within 5 days