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A term used to mean liking or fondness, but usually without any deep emotional or passionate connotations
An emotion that is often thought of as unselfish and loyal and often involves a feeling of sexual attraction
Social attraction
A feeling of interpersonal closeness based on proximity, familiarity, physical attractiveness, similarity, and self-disclosure
An emotion related to fears and anxieties surrounding betrayal and deception involving intimate attachments outside a relationship
How one feels and reveals an authentic concern for the happiness and welfare of one's partner while remaining aware of one's own needs and autonomy
A term that describes a relationship in which a clearly unhealthy interdependence exists. These people are secure in their sense of being only when someone else defines their desires and auutonomy for them.
Double standard
The assumption that males are somehow entitled to things that their female partners are not, as if there were one set of standards and expectations for men and another for women
Marriage between two people of different cultural, racial, religious, or ethnic groups
Passive-agressive behavior
An expression of anger in which a person behaves in a stubborn, obstructionistic, or deliberately ineffective way