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A diagnostic category used by the american Psychiatric Association to describe atypical patterns of sexual arousal or behavior that become problematic in the eyes of the individual or socieyt, such as fetishism and exhibitionism. The urges are recurrent and either are acted on or are distressing to the individual.
A paraphilia in which an inanimate object such as an article of clothing or items made of rubber, leather, or silk elicit sexual arousal.
A paraphilia related to fetishism in which sexual arousal is exaggeratedly associated with a particular body part, such as feet, breasts, or buttocks.
A paraphilia in which a person repeatedly cross-dresses to achieve sexual arousal or gratification or is troubled by persistent, recurring urges to cross-dress.
A fetish in which men are sexually stimulated by fantasies that their own bodies are female. Autogynephilia is found in some transsexuals as well as some fetishists.
A paraphilia characterized by persistent, powerful urges and sexual fantasies involving exposing one's genitals to unsuspecting stragers for the purpose of achieving sexual arousal or gratification.
Telephone Scatologia
A paraphilia characterized by the making of obscene telephone calls.
A paraphilia characterized by strong, repetitive urges and related sexual fantasies of observing unsuspecting strangers who are naked, disrobing, or engaged in sexual relations.
Sexual Masochism
A paraphilia characterized by the desire or need for pain or humiliation to enhance sexual arousal so that gratification may be attained.
Ritual restraint, as by shackles, as practiced by many sexual masochists.
Sexual Sadists
People who become sexually aroused by inflicting pain or humiliation on others.
A practice in which a person seeks to enhance sexual arousal, usually during masturbation, by becoming deprived of oxygen.
Sexual Sadism
A paraphilia characterized by the desire or need to inflict pain or humiliation on others to enhance sexual arousal so that gratification is attained.
A mutually gratifying sexual interaction between consenting sex partners in which sexual arousal is associated with the infliction and receipt of pain or humiliation. Commonly known as S&M.
A paraphilia characterized by recurrent, powerful sexual urges and related fantasies involving rubbing against or touching a nonconsenting person.
A practice related to frotteurism and characterized by the persistent urge to fondle nonconsenting strangers.
A paraphilia characterized by persistent or repeated sexual urges and related fantasies involving sexual contact with animals.
A paraphilia characterized by desire for sexual activity with corpses.
A paraphilia in which sexual arousal is derived from use of enemas.
A paraphilia in which sexual arousal is attained in connection with feces.
A paraphilia in which sexual arousal is associated with urine.
A pattern in the brain, wherein is etched a representation of the idealized lover and the idealized erotic activity with the lover.
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Therapy that attempts to change directly the ways in which people view events and respond to them, relying frequently on the application of principles of learning.
Systematic Desensitization
A method for terminating the connection between a stimulus (such as a fetishistic object) and an inappropriate response (such as sexual arousal to the paraphilic stimulus). Muscle relaxation is practiced in connection with each stimulus in a series of increasingly arousing stimuli, so that the person learns to remain relaxed (and not sexually aroused) in their presence.
Aversion Therapy
A method for terminating undesirable sexual behavior in which the behavior is repeatedly paired with an aversive stimulus such as electric shock so that a conditioned aversion develops.
Covert Sensitization
A form of aversion therapy in which thoughts of engaging in undesirable behavior are paired repeatedly with imagined aversive stimuli.
Persons with pedopilia, a paraphilia involving sexual interest in children.
Social-Skills Training
Behavior therapy methods for building social skills through a therapist's coaching and through practice.
Orgasmic Reconditioning
A method for strengthening the connection between sexual arousal and appropriate sexual stimuli (such as fantasies about an adult of the other gender) by repeatedly pairing the appropriate stimuli with orgasm.
Anti-Androgen Drug
A chemical substance that reduces the sex drive by lowering the level of testosterone in the bloodstream.