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Serial Monogamy
A pattern of involvement in one exclusive relationship after another, as opposed to engaging in multiple sexual relationships at the same time.
Complete sexual abstinence. (Sometimes used to describe the state of being unmarried, especially in the case of people who take vows to remain single.)
Living together as though married but without legal sanction.
Marriage to one person.
Simultaneous marriage to more than one person.
Gay Marriage
Marriage to a person of the same sex.
A form of marriage in which a man is married to more than one woman at the same time.
A form of marriage in which a woman is married to more than one man at the same time.
Open Marriage
A marriage that is characterized by the personal privacy of the spouses and the aggreed-upon liberty of each spouse to form intimate relationships, which may include sexual relationships, with people other than the spouse.
Group Marriage
A social arrangement in which three or more people share an intimate relationship. Group marriages are illegal in the United States.
The practice of marrying people who are similar in social background and standing.
Mating Gradient
The tendency for women to "marry up" (in social or economic status) and for men to "marry down."
Extramarital Sex
Sexual Relations between a married person and someone other than his or her spouse.
Conventional Adultery
Extramarital sex that is kept hidden from one's spouse.
Consensual Adultery
Extramarital sex that is engaged in openly with the knowledge and consent of one's spouse.
A form of consensual adultery in which both spouses share extramarital sexual experiences. Also referred to as mate-swapping.
Comarital Sex
Swinging; mate-swapping.
Cerebral Palsy
A muscular disorder that is caused by damage to the central nervous system (usually prior to or during birth) and characterized by spastic paralysis.
A progressive disease that is characterized by inflammation and pain in the joints.