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Anorexia Nervosa
A potentially life-threatneing eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight, intense fear of being overweight, a distorted body image, and, in females, lack of menstruation (amenorrhea).
Matching Hypothesis
The concept that people tend to develop romantic relationships with people who are similar to themselves in attractiveness.
Mutual exchange.
Storge (STORE-gay)
Loving attachment and nonsexual affection; the type of emotion that binds parents to children.
Agape (AH-gah-pay)
Selfless love; a kind of loving that is similar to generosity and charity.
Philia (FEEL-yuh)
Friendship love, which is based on liking and respect rather than sexual desire.
The kind of love that is closest in meaning to the modern-day concept of passion.
A state of intense absorption in or focus on another person, which is usually accompanied by sexual desire, elation, and general physiological arousal or excitement; passion.
Romantic Love
A kind of love characterized by feelings of passion and intimacy.