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An enzyme secreted by the sperm that allows one sperm to penetrate the egg.
A fertilized egg
An organ formed on the wall of the uterus through which the fetus receives oxygen and nutrients and gets rid of waste products.
Braxton-Hicks contractions
Contractions of the uterus during pregnancy that are not part of actual labor
The final step of the sperm growing
The sperm coming in contact with the ovum
Occuring 7-9 weeks after fertilization, the human body begins to adjust to the prenatal stage
An organism in the early stages of pregnancy. From a small cell up to 2 months after pregnancy.
Have twins
The inital motion of the fetus felt by the mother. Usually occurs 3 months into pregnancy
When the baby rotates in the womb
Extra Embryonic Tissue
Placenta, Umbilical cord, amniotic sac
When a baby "drops" into the pelvis
the descent of the uterus into the pelvic cavity, occurring toward the end of pregnancy, changing the contour of the abdomen and facilitating breathing by lessening pressure under the diaphragm.
Lamaze technique
involved breathing and relaxation techniques under the supervision of a midwife. Other ways to reduce the pain include hot and cold packs, changing postitions, and orgasming to induce labor
a rhythmic stroking used in massage; "effleurage of the abdomen is used in the Lamaze method of childbirth"
a surgical incision through the perineum made to enlarge the vagina and assist childbirth
Stage 1 of Labor
Regular contractions
Delation: An opening up of the cervix during labor
Effacement: A thinning out of the cervix during labor
Stage 2 of labor
Delivery of baby/fetus. At this point some physicians may do a episiotomy
Stage 3 of labor
The placenta and afterbirth is expelled. May take a few minutes to an hour.
Ectopic pregnancy
A pregnancy in which the fertilized egg implants somewhere other than the uterus, usually the fallopian tubes
False pregnancy, in which the woman displays the signs of pregnancy but is not actually pregnant
Rh incompatibility
Protein in the blood of the baby and the mom is different. Red blood cells too.
A serious disease of pregnancy, marked by high blood pressure, severe edema, and proteinuria
A serious complication of pregnancy and is characterised by convulsions
Toxemias of Pregnancy
Excessive vomiting, diabetes, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia
Rhesus factor
Either people do not have the factor (antigen) and are negative or do and are positive
Drug that can cause birth defects
Can cause vitamin depletion, low birth weight, prematurity, birth defects
Can cause low birth weight, hyperactivity, feeding problems
can cause low birth weight, birth defects, still birth
low birth weight, Jaundice, cleft palate, still birth
can cause cancer in babies
can cause birth defects in babies
Definitions of Abnormal Sexual behavior
sexual arousal to objects not considered sexy, arousal to abnormal stimuli, abnormal sexual behavior repeatedly compulsive over time, lacking control, sexual behavior brings a false sense of power, antagonistic to opposite sex
Learning Theory
Cause of development of abonormal sexual behavior. Classical conditioning
Cognitive Psychology
Serious distortion of cognitive thinking
Sexual addiction symptoms
preoccupation, rituals, compulsive behavior, full of despair, sorrow, guilt, etc.
Primary intervention: Gender Identity
Instill in the child the components of sexual development
Methods of secondary (medical) intervention
Surgical castration, hormonal treatment, psychopharmalogical treatment
Primary intervention: Sexual health
arousal to appropriate stimuli
Primary intervention: Relationships
Generate healthy social relationships
Primary intervention techniques
Behavior mod, social skill training, discourage distorted sexual behavior, control relapses
stimulation of the anus
The need to be restricted
Refrainment from all sexual activity
The need to restrict someone
Exposure of the genitals to an unwilling viewer
Arousal from non-animate objects, ie: shoes, etc.
The need to rub one's genitals against a stranger, esp in a tightly packed crowd
The need for a sex partner much older than oneself
Sexual relations with close family members
The need to be punished or hurt; having pain inflicted on oneself
Dependency on something soiled or filthy, e.g. sweaty underwear or jockstraps, used Tampons and menstrual pads
Hypersexuality in the female; total sexual insatiability
Sexual activity w/ children; a dependency on the imagery or actuality of sexual activity with a boy and/or girl in early puberty or younger
Sexual gratification from inflicting pain or humiliation on others
Hypersexuality in the male; total sexual instability
The need to fondle a stranger who is asleep
A person who believes that he/she is trapped in the body of the wrong gender
Dressing in the clothes of the opposite gender.
Triolism or Troilism
The need to be the 3rd member of a sexual partnership; typically a husband arranges for his wife to have another male partner so he can fantasize her in the role of a prostitute
Urination on another person or being urinated upon; "Golden Showers"
Being dependently responsive to the risk of being caught while illicity peering at another perosn [or couple] undressing or engaging in sexual activity; "Peeping Tom"
Treates Rh Incompatibility by preventing the woman's blood from producing antibodies.
Causes of infertility in the female
Pelvic inflammatory disease cause by STDs. Other causes include failure to ovulate, blockage of fallopian tubes, and "hostile mucus"
Cause of infertility in the male
infections in the reproductive system caused by STDs. Low sperm count, low mobility of the sperm, lead, smoking, alcohol, mary j
Artifical Insemination
Procedure in which sperm are placed into the vagina by means other than sexual intercourse
Embryo Transfer
A procedure in whicha an embryo is transferred from the uterus of one woman into the uterus of another
In vitro fertilization
A procedure in which an egg is fertilized by sperm in a laboratory dish.
Gamete intrafallopian transfer, a procedure in which sperm and eggs are collected and then inserted together into the fallopian tubes
Human Chronic Gonadotraption, a hormone
Breech lie
hand may get dislocated, collar bone may break
Cephalic lie
best way, 80% of births