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Margaret Higgins Sanger
Crusader for birth control (1879-1966)
Side effects of the pill
Blood clots, increased depression, nausea, increased risk of liver cancer
Advantages of the pill
100% effective, reduces cramps, doesn't interfere with intercourse
Disadvantages of the pill
Cost is high, no STD protection, responsibility
Triphasic pill
Contains a steady level of estrogen and three phases of progesterone, intended to mimic more closely women's natural hormonal cycles
Patch advantages
Last for seven days so women dont have to change it so often. Hormones absorbed through the skin
Vaginal Ring
Placed every 21 days with 7 free days
Emergency contraception
Best taken in 12 to 24 hours after intercourse and cannot be delayed longer than 120 hours
Injection that can be taken every 3 months. Cannot become pregnant for 6-12 months after use ceases
Intrauterine device (IUD)
Inserted into the uterus by a doctor where it stays there. Distrupts ovalution. Extremely effective.
Circular, dome shaped piece of rubber that fits inside a woman's vagina over the cervix
Cervical cap
Similar to the diaphragm but can be left in for 48 hours. Should be taken out b/c of odors or toxic shock syndrome
Flushing vagina with a liquid
Ejaculate outside the woman's vagina
Rhythm (fertility awareness) methods
A method of birth control that involves abstaining from intercourse around the time the woman ovulates
Calendar method
A type of rhythm method of birth control in which the woman determines when she ovulates by keeping a calendar record of the length of her menstrual cycles
Basal Body Temperature Method
A type of rhythm method of birth control in which the woman determines when she ovulates by keeping track of her temperature
Cervical mucus method
Method in which the woman determines when she ovulates by checking her cervical mucus
Sympto-thermal method
Method of birth control combining the basal body temperature method and the cervical mucus method
A surgical procedure by which an individual is made sterile, that is, incapable of reproducing
A surgical procedure for male sterilization involving severing of the vas deferens.
A method of female sterilization in which a small incision is made in the abdomen
People who feel guilty and fearful about sex
People who feel comfortable with sex
Vacuum aspiration
A method of abortion that is performed during the first trimester and involves suctioning out the contents of the uterus
Surgical method of abortion
Can induce a very early abortion
Another alt in drug-induced early abortion
An accumulation of blood in the blood vessels of a region of the body, especially the gentinals; a swelling or erection results
Muscle contraction throughout the body
Excitement phase
first phase during which erection and lubrication occur
Plateau phase
Second phase, just before orgasm
Orgasmic platform
A tightening of the entrance to the vagina caused by contractions of some muscle
Orgasm phase
The third stage of sexual response; an intense sensation that occurs at the peak of sexual arousal and is followed by release of sexual tensions.
The fourth stage of sexual response, in which the body returns to the unaroused state
Refractory period
phase in which males cannot be sexually aroused
Triphasic model
Kaplan's model of sexual response in which there are three phases: vascongestion, muscular contractions, and sexual desire
Retrograde ejactulation
The ejaculate goes into the bladder instead of out the penis
Hypothesized small region on the front wall of the vagina, emptying into the urethra
Menstrual synchrony
The convergence, over several months, of the dates of onset of menstrual periods among women who are in close contact with each other
Biochemicals secreted outside the body that are important in communication between animals and that may serve as sex attractants
Organizing effects of hormones
Effects of sex hormones early in development, resulting in a permanent change in the brain or reproductive system
Activating effects of hormones
Effects of sex hormones in adulthood, resulting in the activation of behavoirs, especially sexual behaviors and aggressive behaviors.
Sexual self-stimulation; for example, masturbation
Erogenous zones
Areas of the body that are particularly sensitive to sexual stimulation
Who made the 4 phase model of sexual arousal?
Masters and Johnson
Who made the 3 phase model of sexual arousal?
Dr. Helen Kaplan
Limbic system
A set of structures in the interior of the brain, including the amygdala, hippocampus, and fornix; believed to be important for sexual behavior in both animals and humans
Tubal ligation
Cut tubes in female. Can be reversed. May cause severe bleeding.
Dilation and Evacuation
Can be peformed up to 13-16 weeks. Similar to vacuum aspiration.
Abortion method. Can be performed up to 24 weeks. Saline or Prostaglandin induced.
Drug induction
Abortion method. Can be performed up to 7 weeks. Uses Mifiprestone or Methotrexate
Central arousal system
Internal referring to the phenomenon of the mind. Fantasies, pleasure
Peripheral arousal system
External. Direct touching of the body or sex organs by someone considered sexy. Relates to stimulation of genitals
Coolidge effect
phenomonena seen in nearly every species that it has been tested in whereby males show continuously high sexual performance given the introduction of new receptive females
Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium. the symptoms in males area thin, clear discharge and mild pain or urination; Femals are frequently asymptomatic
Genital Warts
caused by HPV. cauliflower-like warts appearing on the genitals
Genital Herpes
disease of the genital organs caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Symptoms are small, painful blisters
Bacteria, Treponema pallidum. Causes a chancre to appear in the primary stage
Bacteria, Neisseria gonorrhoeae. a sexually transmitted disease that usually causes symptoms of a pus-like discharge and painful, burning urination in the male but is frequently asymptomatic in the female
Protozoan, Trichomonas vaginalis. For women, symptom is a frothy white or yellow vaginal discharge that irritates the vulva and smells bad
caused by fungus, Candida. AKA yeast infection. A form of vaginitis causing a thick, white discharge;
Hepatitis B
cause by Hep B Virus (HBV). Disease of the liver. Symptoms are acute illness caused by the virus include liver inflammation, vomiting, jaundice, and rarely, death. Chronic hepatitis B may cause liver cirrhosis which may then lead to liver cancer.
Health belief model
Perceived susceptibility (an individual's assessment of their risk of getting the condition)
Perceived severity (an individual's assessment of the seriousness of the condition, and its potential consequences)
Perceived barriers (an individual's assessment of the influences that facilitate or discourage adoption of the promoted behavior)
Perceived benefits (an individual's assessment of the positive consequences of adopting the behavior).
Two constructs were later addded:
Perceived efficacy (an individual's self-assessment of ability to successfully adopt the desired
Missionary (man on top)
Best for ensuring conception. Not good if she is pregnant or both partners are obese. Not good for controlling ejaculation
Provides lots of clitoral stimulation. Good for delaying ejaculation or man is tired. Used for sex therapy.
Rear entry
The mans hands are free to stimulate the clitoris. A small amount of air may enter making noises when it comes out
Side to Side
May feel numb after a while. good for leisurely or prolonged sex. Good for pregnancy and obese.
4 stages of syphilis
Primary-stage - chancre
Secondary stage - body rash
Latent syphils - may last for years, no symptoms
Late syphilis - 10 to 40 years, blood vessels are attacked
Initial infection
1st stage of AIDS. 3-6 weeks after exposure. headaches, muscle aches, sore throat, fever, persists for 7-21 days
Latency/Asymptomatic period
2nd stage of AIDS. lasts 7-9 years, can infect others
HIV Sickness
Third stage of AIDS. big lymph nodes, diarrhea, persistant cough, weight loss
Full Blown AIDS
4th stage. oppurtunistic infections, tuberculosis, dementia, seizures
Window period
period between infection and antibodies for AIDS, about 3 months
When is the earliest you can test for AIDS?
After 15-16 days you can test for antegens
first HIV test, easy, cheap, less accurate
Western Blot
more expensive, highly accurate HIV test
Why Women are at risk
1. Culturally subordinate
2. Commonly use drug apparatus after their male partners
3. condoms are used less
4. Survival sex
5. Semen deposited inside vagina
6. menstration
7. use of contraceptive
uterus/vagina lining
High risk behaviors
1. Anal intercourse
2. Other stds
3. Alcohol
4. IV drug
5. Ass to Mouth
6. Genital legions
7. Semen in the mouth
8. Infected mother
Transmission of the Disease
1. Sex
2. Blood transfusion
3. Hypodermic needle
4. From infected mother
How AIDS attacks the body
AIDS attacks specialized cells called T-Cells. When there are less than 200 you have AIDS
form of birth control. Six silicon pills are implanted in the arm and work up to 5 years
Chlamydia treatment and prevention
Azithromycin or doxycycline; does not respond to penicillin. No vaccine, best method is screening or condoms
Genital warts treatment
acid applied directly to warts. Liquid nitrogen to freeze them off.
Genital Herpes treatment
No cure. Vlacyclovir and famciclovir are new drugs that suppress symptoms better
Gonorrhea treatment
Large dose of penicillin or tetracycline. However, strains are resistent and now must be treated w/ ceftriaxone
Syphilis treatment
Trichomoniasis treatment
Flagyl taken orally
Monilia treatment
some drugs
Chlamydia infections in women
Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and possibly infertility due to scarring. Low birth weight for babies. Babies may have pneumonia or an eye infection when born