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Anton Von Leehenhoeck
Invented the microscope, saw sperm
Oscar Heatwig
Saw the first fertilization of an egg by sperm in a sea urchin
Sigmund Freud
Ego, Superego, Id, electra complex, oedipus complex, oral anal phallic latency stages
Clelia Mosher
Doctor who thought about females and their sexual stuff
Henry Havelock Ellis
First to talk about abnormal sexual behavior
Richard Von Krafft Ebing
Mental sexual diseases put in book "psychopathia sexuals"
Magnus Hirshfield (1868-1935)
developed a third, "intermediate sex" between men and women
Alfred Kinsey
Human sexual behavior researcher
Masters & Johnson
pioneered research into the nature of human sexual response and the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunctions
Do animals also masturbate, display homosexual/bisexual behavior, and nonsexual use of sex?
Santals tribe
premarital sex is well tolerated. first experience at a young age
Inis Baeg
Island where sex is done fully clothed, quickly as possible. Believed orgasms mean you are possessed by the devil. Not talked about.
Dani tribe
Sex is not allowed while women are nursing so men often have multiple wives. Men signal they want sex and the women sleeps by the door of her hut.
Extramarital sex OK. Males have high-sex drive. No female orgasm. Sexually open and anxious
Managaia island
): adolescents have
sex every night, both males and females are instructed by
their older partners, it is expected that each youth have
around three orgasms per night. The general expectation for
all people who live here: many partners all through one's
very easy and open about sex. learn about sex at a very tender age
Have sex around puberty. Learn from adults by watching. Adultery is not allowed except for siblings of you or wife.
Put fish in vagina
Reality, keeps you doing what you think is ideal
The minds sexual desire
The mediator between ego and id
Made when breast milk is produced
Made when milk releases
Form of milk made by the mammary glands. Comes out 72 hours before birth
Tumors in the breasts. Also called Fibrocystic disease. occurs around 30-50 years. benign
Benign tumors in the breasts. Usually occur around 30-50 years
Malignant breast tumors
20% of all breast tumors
Most common place for cancer in the breasts?
Upper-outer quadrant, 50% chance
Cause of Cervix cancer of the Uterus?
Human Papilloma virus (HPV), early sexual intercourse, increased # of sexual partners, long term oral contraceptive pills, daughters of those who used DES
Protection against Cervix Cancer?
Regular screenings, Pap test, put off sex, limit # of partners, barrier method of protection
Two stages of cervix cancer?
1. CIN - early cancer cells
2. Invasive cancer of the cervix (ICC)
DHT deficiency
lack enzymes needed by body to develop male organs. Genetically males born w/ some male organs
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome
Don't respond to testosterone. Genetically males but have normal looking female genitals. Raised as girls.
Congential Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH)
Genital disorder in which androgens accumulate in the body. Masculation of genitals in genetic females
DES use
Orginally drug to prevent miscarriages. In boys, mental retardation and abnormal organs.
Zuni of New Mexico (Two Spirits)
In this culture, intersexuality and transsexuality was believed to be a gender role, which was socially acquired and not biological
Plains Indians (Berdache)
A generic term for two-spirit which is considered offensive to Native Americans
India (The Hijra)
Some hemaphrodites respected, some shunned.
Omani's third gender. It is understood that it cannot be repressed and are allowed to live in peace
male-to-female transgender person
Kingfelter syndrome
XXY, male
Turner syndrome
XO, Female
Mixed gonadal dygenisis
XO/XY, True Hermaphrodite
Supermentery syndrome
Triple-X syndrome
True hermaphrodite
Symptoms of female menopause?
Memory lapses, vaginal dryness, headaches, hot flashes, erratic menstrual cycles
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Used on women to make them feel less discomfort during menopause by injecting hormones, usually estrogen
Pros of Estrogen?
Reduces hot flashes, night sweats, bone loss, risk of heart disease, colon cancer, mood swings, memory lapses
Cons of Estrogen?
Increases cancer of the endometrium, may increase tumors in the uterus, breast cancer, abnormal blood clots, weight gain, headaches
What happens when male hormones decrease and what age does it usually occur?
lose erection, reduced sex drive, loss of testosterone, usually happens between 40 and 55.
Free Testosterone Index
Amount of free testosterone divided by total testosterone
What is the aspiration-achievement gap?
When men reach a certain age, the become depressed because they did not achieve what they wanted to in life
What is stagnation vs Generativity conflict?
Midlife crisis. Generativity is the concern of establishing and guiding the next generation
What are some causes of lower fertilization causes in men?
Enviromental toxins, lead poisoning, certain pesticides, increased alcohol intake, drugs, radiaton
Genetic, hormone, psych, social factors add up to what?
Adult Gender Indentity
What are the prenatal factors?
Chromosomes, Fetal gonads, Fetal hormones, sex assignment, raising as boy or girl
What glands are above the kindneys and prodcue testosterone?
Adrenal glands
What are the female external organs?
Mons Pubis, Labia Majora, Labia Minora, Clitoral hood, Fourchette, Perineum, Clitoris, Urethal opening, Introitus, Bartholinis gland, Hymen
What are the female internal organs?
Vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes (one pair), ovaries
What is the perinium?
Junction of muscles
What does the Bartholinis gland do?
Keeps external things moist
First phase of the menstrual cycle. At the beginning the pituitary secretes relatively high levels of FSH
Follicular phase
Second phase of menstrual cycle, in which the folicle ruptures open, releasing the mature egg
Ovulation phase
Third phase of menstrual cycle, in which the egg is released in progesterone is manufactured
Luteal phase
Fourth phase of menstrual cycle, the shedding of the inner lining of the uterus
Toxic shock syndrome
A sometimes fatal bacterial infection associated with tampon use during menstruation
A condition in which the endometrium grows abnormally outside the uterus; the symptom is unusually painful periods with excessive bleeding
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
A combo of severe physical and psychological symptoms, such as depression and irritability, occurring just before menstruation
found both in m/f fetuses; in Ms they degenerate and in Fs they develop into fallopian tubes, the uters and upper vagina
Mullerian ducts
Found in both m/f fetuses; in Fs the degenerate and in males they develop into the epididymis, the vas deferens, and the ejaculatory duct
Woffian ducts
Descent of testis
journey down the scrotum via a passageway called the ignuinal canal. Occurs seven months after conception
Sew the outer lips of the vagina so they cant have intercourse
Boys are given greater freedom. Girls are grown to be passive, obedient, and weak
Most repressive about sex
Prostate cancer
All men over 50 should have yearly rectal exams. Symptoms include frequent urination, difficulty in urination, and difficulty emptying the bladder
What does Islam think of sex?
Finest pleasures of life
What does Judaism think of sex?
Gift used responsibly, never evil
What are some signs/symptoms of testes cancer and what age does it usually occur?
Starts as a painless lump or slight enlargment. May be pain. Occurs between the ages of 29-35.
What is FSH?
Hormone that regulates the sperm production
What is LH
Hormone that regulates testosterone production
What is GnRH
Regulates the LH out of the hypothalamus