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Argue that jobs no longer exist in modern organizations due to the dynamic nature of work in rapidly changin business environments.
Job Extinction
What are the four concepts of a job?
Task, duty, position, & job
A meaningful unit of work activity generally performed on the job by one worker within some limited time is a discrete unit of activity and represents a composite of methods, procedures, and techniques.
Area of work that contains several distinct tasks that are performed by an individual
A set of tasks and duties performed by a single individual in an organization.
A group of positions that are identical with respect to their major or significant tasks and sufficiently alike to justify their being covered by a single analysis
Are dynamic, comprehensice, and subjective, rather than static, narrow, and objective
Behavioral Contracting
Obtaining information about jobs
Job Analysis
Written narrative of the activities performed on a job as well as information about the equipment used and working conditions in which the job is performed
Job Description
Outline of the specific skills, knowledge, abilities, and other physical and personal characteristics that are necessary to perform a job
Job Specification