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What are Erikson's 3 theorys in the over 60 years old catagory?
Ego differentiation versus role pre-occupation.

Body transcendence versus body pre-occupation.

Ego transcendency versus ego pre-occupation.
What is meant by Ego differentiation versus role pre-occupation?
It means to develop satisfaction from oneself as a person. Rather than through parental or occupational roles.
What is meant by Body transcendence versus body pre-occupation?
It means to find physiological pleasures rather than absorbed with physical and health problems and limitations.
What is meant by Body transcendence versus body pre-occupation?
It means to achieve satisfaction through reflection on one's past life and accomplishments.
What are the 3 common clinical problems with the elderly?
They are delirium dementia and depression
What does delirium mean?
it means the impairement of cerebral circulation causing disturbances in cognitive function.
What are the symptoms of delirium?
the symptoms are decline intelleculal function
memory loss
labile mood
meaningless chatter
altered level of concousness
What are the causes of depression?
the causes of depression are socaial changes and medication such as blood pressure medication hormones and ranitidne
What are the 2 most common causes of reversible confusion?
they are hypoxia and urinary infections
What are some of the other causes of reversible confusion?
They are hypothermia
sensory deprivation
What are the 3 major causes of impaired verbal communication due to neurologic disruptions?
They are reception
What neurological disruptions can cause reception problems?
Reception is impaired by anxiety related to a specific disorder hearing deficits and altered levels of conscioiusness
What neurological disruptions can cause perception problems?
percertion is distorted by stroke dementia and delirium
What neurological disruptions can cause articultion problems?
Articulation is hampered by mechanical difficulties such as dysarthria respiratory disease destruction of the larynx and cerebral onfarction with neuromuscular effects
What does anomia mean?
Anomia means word retrieval difficulties during spontaneous speech and naming tasks
What does aphasia mean?
Aphasia is an acquired impairment of language processes underlying receptive and expressive modalities caused by damage to areas of the brain that are primarily responsible for language processes
What does dysarthria mean?
Dysarthria is the impairment in the ability to articulate words as the result of damage to the central or peripheral nervous system that affects the speech mechanism
What are 3 ways a recreation therapist motivates the elderly?
Reality oriention
validation theraphy