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Human Relations
Interactions amoung people
Goal of Human Relations
To create a win-win situation by satisfying employee needs while achieving organizational objectives
Win-Win Situation
Occurs when the organization and the employees get what they want
Total Person Approach
An organization employs the whole person, not just his or her job skills
What people do and say
Levels of Behavior
1- Individual

2- Group

3- Organizational
Group Behavior
Consists of the things two or more people do and say as they interact
A group of people working to achieve one or more objectives
Organizational Behavior
The collective behavior of an organizations individuals and groups
The extent to which expectations or objectives have been met
Systems Effect
All the people in the organization are effected by at least one other person, and each person affects the whole group or organization
Elton Mayo
"Father of Human Relations"

-Hawthorne Studies
-Hawthorne Effect
Hawthorne Effect
Refers to an increase in performance caused by the special attention given to employees, rather than tangible changes in the work
Theory Z
Integrates common business practices in the United States and Japan into one middle ground framework appropriate for use in the United States
Intrapersonal Skills
Within the individual and indludes characteristics such as :

- Personality
- Attitudes
- Self-Concept
- Integrity
Interpersonal Skills
The ability to work well with a diversity of people
Leadership Skill
The ability to influence others and work well in teams