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Which animals are included under Prosimians?
lemurs, lorises, and tarsiers
Which animals are included under Anthropoids?
monkeys, apes, and humans
What does "specialized" mean?
evolved for a particular function
What does "morphology" mean?
the form (shape/size) of anatomical structures
What does "prehensility" mean?
grasping, as by the hands and feet of primates
What is stereoscopic vision?
visual images are (to varying degrees) superimposed on one another (depth perception)
What is olfaction?
sense of smell
What are cusps?
elevated portions (bumps) on the chewing surfaces of premolar and molar teeth
What is brachiation in terms of locomotion?
body is suspended beneath the hands and support is alternated from one forelimb to the other; arm swinging
Are prehensile tails found in Old World primates?
Where are lemurs found?
Madagascar and adjacent islands off the east coast of Africa