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List 6 organizing Concepts of psychosocial theory?
1. Stages of development
2. Developmental tasks
3. Psychosocial crisis
4. A central process for resolving the crisis of each stage
5. A radiating network of significant relationships
6. Coping-new behavior people generate to meet new challenges
1. Birth through old age<br /><br />
2. Each stage of life demands certain ------ completions to move on the the next stage<br /><br />
3. Erikson's model emphasis on innate demands each person must complete at certain times<br /><br />
4. Allows the person to be successful with task completion<br /><br />
5. Importance of relationships<br /><br />
6. Skills to persevere through task completion and growth
List the 8 stages in Eric Erickson's model of psychosocial development.
1. Oral-sensory
2. Muscular-anal
3. Locomotor-genital
4. Latency
5. Puberty
6. Young adulthood
7. Adulthood
8. Maturity
1. sucking and rooting behaviors
2. sitting and toileting
3. crawling and walking and sexual exploration
4. No longer sexually interested
5. Return to sexual interest
6. moving into abstract thinking and life goals
7. Independent of parents
8. Looking toward end of life issues
List the 8 Crisis's that evolved as a part of Eric Erickson's 8 psychosexual stages.
1. Basic trust vs mistrust
2. Autonomy vs shame, doubt
3. Initiative vs guilt
4. Industry vs. Inferiority
5. Identity vs Role Confusion
6. Intimacy vs. Isolation
7. Generativity vs. Stagnation
8. Ego integrity vs Despair
1. I trust my parents will be consistent and nurturing and know my needs.
2. Because I developed trust I feel comfortable exploring my world
3. I am a go getter and working in my play world
4. I am very busy learning at school
5. I am beginning to know who I am separate and a part from my parents
6. I have a love in my life and Friends
7. I enjoy helping the youth succeed. I love giving back to the younger generation
8. I've had a full and filling life.
What does the Psychosocial approach of development integrate?
Psychosocial approach to development integrates biological, psychological and societal systems and it highlights the continuous interaction of the individual and the social environment.
continuous interactions between person & social arena
What are the basic assumptions when considering the developmental perspective of psychology?
1. Growth occurs at every stage of life, from conception through very old age
2. Individual lives show continuity and change as the progress through time.
3. We need to understand the whole person, because we function in an integrated manner.
4. Every person's behavior must be analyzed in the context of relevant settings and personal relationships.
1. Growth doesn't ever stop until death
3 whole person, person's function in an INTEGRATED MANNER
4. Behavior + environmental + relationships