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A brain disorder ivolving lack of social responses is called what?
The scientific study of developmental processes is what?
human development
The people who study human development are called what?
developmental scientists
Journals kept to record the early development of a child are what?
baby biographies
The originator of the theory of evolution was who?
Charles Darwin
___________ was not considered a seperate period of development until the early twentieth century when G. Stanley Hall published the book Adolescence.
concept of development as a lefe ong process which can be studied scientifically
life span development
drawing on many fields or disciplines
change in number or amount such as height, weight, or size of vocabulary
quantitative change
change in kind, structure, or organization, such as change from nonverbal to verbal communication
qualitative change
the domains of development are:
physical, cognitive, and chosocial
_________ __________ includes growth of body and brain, sensory capacities, motor skills and health
physical development
___________ __________ includes change and stability in mental abilities, such as learning, attention memory, language, thinking, reasoning, and creativity
cognitive development
_________ _________ are closely related to physical and emotional growth
cognitive advances
change and stability in emotions, personality, and social relationships
physcosocial development
concept about the nature of reality socially shared perceptions or assumptions
social construction
disorder carried on the X chromosome
sex linked inheritance
an example of a birth defect caused by a chromosomal error is trisomy-21, also called
down syndrome
__________ is becoming more popular and has decreased the incidence of several genetic disorders
genetic counseling
compares the prenatal and possibly the postnatal development and experiences of monozygotic twins
co twin control study
looks at two types of monozygotic twins
chorion control study
influences that help to explain the interplay of nature and nurture
reaction range, canalization, genotype environment corrilation
tendency of certain genetic and environmental influences to reinforce each other
genetype environment correlation
what makes sibblings different from each other?
genetics, parents change, environmental change
heredity accounts for about what percent of obesity?
What takes us from zygotes to the human shapes that we have?