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Growth ultimately depends upon
Global economy
What is the current relationship between global productiona dn consumption?
Manufactured goods have increased more rapidly than the demand
why has demand slowed dwon in MDCs?
wages have not risen as fast as prices in the last 2 decades
2. market saturation- purchases are for replacing things, not buying for 1st time
Identify the major problems in MDC vs. LDCs
MDC geographical issues, protect market form new competetors, LDCs- must identify new markets
Trading blocs
a group of neighboring countri3es that promote trade w/ eachother
North Atlantic Free tTrade Agreement
European Union
Eliminated most trade barriers to trade through western Europe
Problems in LDCs (old problems)
distance from makrets- far from MDX's
Invested scarce resources in constructing and susingin transprotation facilities
2. in adequate infrastructure
Problems in LDC's (new problems)
1.forced to sell to own people
2.lack of raw material acess
3. cite factor- cheap abundant labor
New International division of labor
operations that require highly skiled workers remain in factories in MDCs
Central place
market center for the exchange fo goods and services by people attracted by surrounding areas
theory definition
explains how services are distributed and why regular pattern of settlements exists
perosn who makes sometihng new to make a job easier or more economical
makeret area (area surrounding service)
why does the C.P. theory use hexagons vs. circles or squares
Becasue it cannot overlape or have gaps, Circles overlpa, and squares no raius (measures bary
maximum distance people are willin to travel to use a serviece
Range is measured in
time and distance
minimum number of people needed to supporta business
Market area analisis
used to determine if marketing areal works
what is the optimal location for a business to maximised profit/
15 minute travel radius, count peopel within radiuse, if above 5000 people, or threshold, then that place is ideal
Typical threshold for department stores
2500 people
location of linear settlemigns.
(best location figured using the ___________ _________
gravity model
Gravity model
predicts that thte optimal location of a sercvis is directly related to the number of people in the area
Principle of nesting markets in MDCs
Marketing areas across MDC are hexagons of different sizes unless acted aon by topography: mtn, river
Rank size rule
Country's Nth largest settlemnet is in the 1/n the population of the largest settlement
what does having a rank size distribution say about the quality of the country's inhabitants?
society is sufficently wealthy, goods and services for people
Primate city rule
The largest settlements has more than twice as many people as the sexcond

(paris, UK,)