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Primates are what three groups
Anthropoids (Apes and Hominids)
What distinguishes primates?
They have opposable thumb to grasp
Large Brain short jaws
Forward looking eyes
Well developed parental care and social behavior is complex.
Hominids diverged 20 mya from

Humans are Bipedal hominids, Homo sapien is 160,000 years old.
Old world monkeys who lack prehensive tail.
Common ancestor of apes and humans lived 6 mil ya.
What distinguishes Hominids?
Upright posture
Bipedal locomotion
Larger Brains
Language capability
Thought of symbols
Use and make complex tools
Tell me a little about:

Homo Habilis
Homo Erectus
Homo Neanderthalensis
Homo Sapiens
Homo Floriensis
They were the first! Some walked fully erect

Habilis is first Hominid - He used stone tools

Erectus was the first to leave Africa (went to Asia)

Neanderthalensis - Lived in Europe, first to bury dead in ritualistic fashion - Sapiens brought them to extinction

Sapien went to Europe and then to rest of world

Floriensis is little dude (Relates to Island Gigantism, dwarfism he is supposedly a little version of erectus)
Floriensis shows

Different Clades of Lice Shows
Erectus could have lived much closer to the present day than previously thought, concurrently w/ humans

There are two clades of lice that diverged at same time as split of sapien and erectus, we could have acquired 2nd clade from contact w/ erectus.
Tell me the three modern Human Hypothesis
Candelabra - States that modern humans evolved in parallel from homo erectus w/ no gene flow.

Multiregional says that modern humans evolve in parallel w/ some gene flow

Out of Africa - Sapiens arose in Africa after other species and replace them afterwards.
Molecular Clock evidence supports which hypothesis?
Out of Africa

Out of Africa = African replacement hypothesis argues every human is descended from smal group in Africa who replaced earlier species.

Multiregional says that sapiens gradually evolved from several types of species throughout the world.

MITOCHONDRIAL DNA tree of humans and neanderthals indicate that Neanderthals didn't contribute to mitochondrial DNA of modern humans.