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Failure of the anterior nural tube region to close
Formation of a space within mass of cells
cells dissociate from an embryonic epithilian layer and migrate as mesenchymal cells.
Outside of normal position. e.g. Transplantation of embryonic cells to a new (Ectopic) site
Floor Plate
A specialized non-neuronal cells situated at the ventral midline of the neural plate/tube
Neural Crest
Transient structure composed of cells originally located in the dorsal most portion of the neural folds and closing neural tube
Neural FOLDS
Bilateral elevated portions of the neural plate flanking either side of the neural groove
Neural Groove
A midline ventral depression in the neural plate
Neural Plate
That portion of the dorsal ectoderm that becomes specified to become NEURAL ECTODERM
The brain and spinal cord. In developmental terms reffers to neural tube from its costal to caudal end
A single layer of rapidly dividing neural stem cells situated adjacent to the lumen of the neural tube
The process by which neural plate develops into a neural tube
Primary neurulation
The development of the neural tube from the neural plate
Secondary neuralation
The development of the neural tube from mesenchyme caudal to the posterior neuropore
Sonic Hedgehog (SSH)
Secreted paracrine factor that induces specific transcribtion factors. Made by notochord and floor plate.
Spina Bifida
Birth defect resulting from an unclosed section of the posterior neural tube or subsequent rapture of the posterior neural tube.