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This is made up of the skull, vertebrae, ribs, and the sternum
Axial Skeleton
_____: upper extremity, lower extremity, shoulder girdle, and pelvic girdle
Appendicular Skeleton
Meaning the end of a bone
Meaning the shaft of a bone
Joint Cartilage:
Articular Cartilage
Cartilage that separates the epiphysis and the diaphysis
Epiphyseal Plate
Where the growth plate used to be:
Epiphyseal Line
Space inside the bone and the location of the bone marrow
Medullary Cavity
Hole in bone where blood vessels enter
Nutrient Foramina
Layer of the outside of the bone
Layer on the inside of the bone
Shaft of the bone is made of this:
Compact Bone
This is found in the ends of the bone:
Spongy Bone
A rough bump on a bone:
A round projection:
The shoulder blade:
Large projection on the posterior side
Acromion process
Small projection on the anterior side:
Coracoid Process
Lateral side by the armpit
Axillary Border
Medial side by vertebrae
Vertebral Border
Top border:
Superior Border
Bottom most point of scapula
Inferior angle
Top most point of scapula
Superior angle
Depression on the later side (where the humorous fits)
Glenoid Cavity
Ridge on the posterior surface of the scapula
Spine of the Scapula
indentation of the anterior side of the scapula
Subscapular fossa
indentation above the spine of the scapula
Supraspinous fossa
indentation below the spine of the scapula
infraspinous fossa
the collar bone: attaches to the acromion process and sternum:
Hole on the top of the clavicle:
Nutrient Foramina