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What are the basic types of tissue?
Epithelial, Connective, Muscular and Nervous
There are four types
What is the function of Epithelial Tissue?
Protection, Absorbtion, Secretion and Reception of stimuli
What is the function of connective tissue?
Supports and connects other tissues, holds body together
What is the function of muscular tissue?
Movement of bones, rythmic contraction, movement of internal organs
Whats the function of the nervous tissue?
Transmission of nerve impulses
What is a tissue?
A similar group of cells that work together to carry out a particular activity.
What is nervous reflex?
some presense of nerves in the lungs
What is alveoli?
Air sacs that probide a large surface area for the exchange of respiratory gases by diffusion between the alveoli and the blood capillaries.
What is the purpose of the respiratory membrane?
Gases move freely across here and it contains elastic connective tissue that gives the alveoli their ability to expand and recoil
Identify the general region where the exchange of gases takes place?
in the alveolus, where there is a respiratory membrane across which gases move freely into the blood capillaries