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The ligament that goes between the anterior superior iliac spine and the pubic tubercle is the:
inguinal ligament
Innervation to the hip joint includes the:
femoral n. and obturator n.
Almost all football injuries to the knee occur when the player has a knee "planted" (fully extended) rather than flexed because:
medial and lateral collateral ligaments and anterior cruciate ligament are tight in extension
The ligaments that limit anterior and posterior movement of the femur and maintain the aligment of the femoral and tibial condyles are the:
cruciate ligaments
The calcaneofibular and anterior and posterior talofibular ligaments of the ankle are known as the:
lateral ligament
Kit woke up one morning and found that she was unable to move her tongue. Her problem may relate to this cranial nerve:
Which of the following cranial nerves have sensory functions ONLY?
You are eating a slice of pizza but you can't tast anything. Which cranial nerve(s) might be are involved?
facial n. and glossopharyngeal
You go to the doctor because you have difficulty swallowing. She asks you to open your mouth and say "ahh". She notices that your uvula moves to the right and you have no gag reflex. This tells her that this cranial nerve may be damaged:
Which cranial nerve(s) passes through the superior orbital fissure?
oculomotor, trochlear, ophthalamic branch trigeminal, abducens
What are the branches of the facial nerve?
temporal, zygomatic, mandibular, buccal, cervical
The cell body of the first order neuron in sensory pathways us found in the:
posterior/dorsal root of the spinal cord
A patient is unable to feel pain sensations from their right arm. They may have normal touch sensations and normal motor control. Where in the spinal cord might the problem be located?
left lateral spinothalamic tract
As the result of pressure on her spinal cord Jill cannot feel touch or pressure on her legs. What spinal tract is being compressed?
fasciculus gracilis of posterior column
Sensations of pain (pin prick) from your little finger travel in the:
ulnar nerve