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events that occur from time of fertilization until birth
the developing offspring
gestation period
time from the last menstrual period until birth ~ 280 days
conceptus from fertilization through 8th week
conceptus from week 9 through birth
How long is the Oocyte viable?
12-24 hours
How long is sperm viable after ejaculation?
24-48 hours
for fertilization to occur, coitus must occur when?
No more then 2 days before ovulation and 24 hours after ovulation
when the sperms' chromosomes combine with those of a secondary oocyte to form a fertilized egg (zygote)
Acrosomal reaction
involves breakdown of the plasma membrane and the acrosomal membrane, and release of acrosomal enzymes that digest holes through the zona pellucida
the one sperm per oocyte condition
fluid filled hollow sphere
trophoblast cells
display factors that are immunosuppressive
participate in placenta formation
What does the inner cell mass become?
embryonic disc (embryo and 3 embryonic membranes)
When does implantation begin?
6-7 days after ovulation
trophoblasts proliferate and form what two distinct layers?
cytotrophoblast: inner layer of cells
Syncytiotrophoblast: cells in the outer layer lose their plasma membranes, invade and digest the endometrium
When is implantation complete?
12th day after ovulation