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When Humans came to walk upright, sexuality changed how?
The sight of one's genitals was less emphasized
What is our best guess about the function pederasty served in ancient Greece?
It allowed men to display their social and political power
In ancient Rome, marriage and sexual relations:
Did not necessarily involve (at least initially) passionate love
Which below is NOT true regarding the Kama Sutra?
All of these are part of the Kama Sutratra
Which of the following is true about sexuality in ancient India?
All of the above are true
According to the Christian Bible, Jesus:
Taught that men should be held to the same standards of adultery, divorce, and remarriage as women
By the late middle ages, women were
Elevated to a place of purity and considered almost perfect
Before marriage during the Middle Ages, who would men enlist to help teach them the secrets of love and the ways of restoring potency?
An Entremetteuse
The nineteenth century cure for the hysteria was
The vibrator
Who was responsible for the development of Islam?
What was the name for the men who had their testicles and/ or penises removed to prevent them from engaging in sexual activity?
During the Victorian Era, women were considered to be:
Virtuous, refined, delicate, fragile
What was the name of the religious group who fled England and set up a biblically based society in the New World?
Budling is
Placing a wooden board in the middle of a bed to allow an unmarried couple to sleep together without sex.
What was the purpose of anti-miscegenation laws?
To make interracial sex illegal
How did the arrival of the medical model of sexuality at the end of the nineteenth century affect views of sexuality in the united states?
Physicians advocated for self-restraint and abstention from masturbation
The Comstock Act of 1873
Outlawed the mailing of articles on contraception
What was the result of the Social Hygiene Movement?
Laws were passed mandating blood tests before marriage
Sexologists seek to
Study sexual behavior scientifically
How did the arrival of the medical model of sexuality at the end of the nineteenth century affect views of sexuality in the united states?
Physicians advocated for self-restraint and abstention from masturbation
The Comstock Act of 1873
Outlawed the mailing of articles on contraception
What was the result of the Social Hygiene Movement?
Laws were passed mandating blood tests before marriage
Sexologists seek to
Study sexual behavior scientifically
Which of the following would be considered sexologists?
Alfred Kinsey and William Masters
How did Margaret Sanger influence sexuality history?
She became a prominent advocate for birth control
How did the Planned Parenthood organization first begin?
As a birth control clinic in New York
How did the feminist movement contribute to the development of women's sexuality?
It advocated for sexual satisfaction for women
What is important about the Stonewall riot of 1969?
Gay organizations were founded for the first time following the riot
In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association
Removed homosexuality from its list of psychiatric disorders
"Get what you want NOW!" might be the motto of Freud's
Which theory emphasizes the structure of personality on the unconscious nature of sexuality?
Which type of theorist would state that the biggest sexual organ is between the ears?
"Self-actualization" is an important principle to which kind of theorist?
According to the evolutionary theory, we enter a sexual relationship to:
Pass on our genes
The impacts of economic conditions, the law, and religion on sexual behaviors are stressed most by which theorists?
According to sociological theory, ___ is the first factor that influences our values about what is sexually right or wrong
Feminist theory argues that:
The social construction of sexuality is based on power
The best way to change societal views about sexuality, according to queer theorists is?
Radically, all at once
In the late 19th century, most sexuality research was done by
Medical doctors
The best way to describe the present-day field of sexuality research would be that it is
In it's early stages
Which of those contributed to LESS acceptance of the double standard of sexuality?
All of the above
Of the following early sexuality researchers, the one most likely to label homosexual behavior as "Pathological" (as this person did in the book of Psychopathia Sexualis) is:
Richard Von Krafft-Ebing
Which of the following researchers believed that homosexuality was genetic, and argued for the repeal of laws that made homosexuality or bisexuality punishable by law?
Magnus Hirschfeld
Which of the following is TRUE about Evelyn Hooker's research?
She found no fundamental psychological differences between gay and straight ment
The early 20th century sexologist who found that most of the U.S. women surveyed thought sexual intercourse was for pleasure as well as reproduction (although the women often reported guilt about wanting sexual pleasure) was:
Clelia Mosher
"Women have sexual appetites just like men do-- and they don't necessarily need men to satisfy those appetites." Who of the following would agree most strongly with this statement?
Katharine Bement Davis
Most of the data Kinsey used for his books Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, he obtained from
Which of the following was a finding from Masters and Johnson's research?
Women are capable of multiple orgasms
I f Grandpa is 65, and he and Grandma are still married, chaces are that he:
and she are sexually active
Cross-Cultural research has shown that, in most cultures studied,
Foreplay precedes sexual intercourse
Overall, the U.S. approach to sex research is best characterized as:
"problem-driven" and underfunded.
Which of the following is not a part of the vulva?
The function of the mons veneris is primarily:
To protect the genitals during intercourse
The Labia Majora
are two folds of fatty tissue that extend from the mons and meet at the perineum
What is the name for the small cylyndrical organ containing erectile tissue whose sole function is to bring sexual pleasure?
Because of the nature of the clitoris, removal of the organ, practiced in some cultures, serves primarily to:
Decrease a woman's sexual pleasure
"introitus" is another name for the ___
Vaginal Opening
The___is located in the lower third of the front part of the vagina.
If a woman has a hymen that is not intact, we can safely assume that
none of these are true
The pair of bean-shaped glands whose ducts empty near the vaginal opening are called ___
Bartholin's glands
The incision that may be made during childbirth to avoid tearing the perineum is called:
an Episiotomy
During menstruation, the layer of the uterus that is partially shed in response to hormonal fluctuations is the:
Which layer of the uterus contracts to expel menstrual fluid and the push the fetus out of the womb during labor?
During childbirth, the ___softens and dilates to allow the baby to pass through.
The primary function of the bimbriae is to:
Direct the ova from the ovaries to the fallopian tubes
Normally fertilization occurs in the:
Fallopian tube
What are the primary functions of the ovaries?
To produce ova and secrete hormones
Although researchers do not know for sure what triggers puberty, current thinking is that it is most related to
A woman who wants to reduce the severity of menstrual cramping without using medication might find all of the following useful, except for:
Moderate alcohol use
Of the following women, the one MOST likely to experience secondary amenorrhea is one who:
The most probable diagnosis for a woman whose menstrual cycles are normal, except that she experiences higher than normal menstrual flow, is:
The volume of menstrual fluid in a typical menstrual cycle is about:
2-4 tablespoons
The number-one cause of gynecological disease in the U.S. is:
Menstrual Disorders
A Pap smear is usually taken during a:
Pelvic exam, and is used to detect cervical cancer
Across her a lifetime, most U.S. women run the highest risk of developing which kind of cancer
The corpus spongiosum:
Contains tissue that fills with blood to cause erections
Which of the following statements about penis size is TRUE?
All of the above are true
The foreskin or prrepuce is really a continuation of the skin covering the:
The collected products of sweat and oil glands that can accumulate under the foreskin is called:
Which statement below regarding male circumcision is TRUE?
Circumcision is practiced as a religious and/or cultural ritual for many groups of people
If a physician asked a man with erectile dysfunction if he had nighttime erections, the physician would most likely be trying to determine:
If the man's erectile dysfunction was physiologically or psychologically caused.
The process of erection involves
Erectile tissues filling with blood
Erection is basically a:
Spinal Reflex
Testicles are located outside the body because:
Sperm need to be cooler to survive
What muscle contracts and expands in order to keep the testicles at the proper temperature?
Cremaster Muscle
What are the two main functions of the testicles
Sperm and testosterone production
The term spermatogenesis refers to____.
The production of sperm
What happens to sperm that are not ejaculated?
They are reabsorbed by the body
What is the name of the tightly coiled ducts located in the testicles where spermatozoa are produced?
Seminiferous tubules
The reason that men wake up with erections is because:
The penis gets erect during REM sleep
Men's testicles are located in the scrotum instead of in the abdomen because:
To produce sperm, they need to be a few degrees lower than body temperature.
The average man produces ___ sperm per day.
300 million
What happens to sperm while they sit in the epididymis?
The structures that propel the sperm from the testicles to the urethra are the:
Vas Deferens
What structures contribute fluid that makes up the bulk of semen?
Seminal Vesicles and prostate gland
What is the function of male breasts?
There is no known function
What is gynecomastia?
Male breast enlargement
What triggers puberty in a boy's life?
We don't know
Despite the fact that they don't ejaculate mature sperm for another year and a half, sperm production in boys begins at what age, on average?
As men age, their blood testosterone concentrations decrease. This is referred to as:
In cryptorchidism
The testes fail to descend into the scrotum
Testicular torsion___
Can cause severe pain and swelling and death of the testicle tissue
The condition characterized by a painful and persistent erection is called:
If a man experiences a painful curvature of his erect penis, would you most likely diagnose:
Peyronie's disease
A rectal exam by a physician is used most often to diagnose___ in men
Prostate Cancer