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production of a fluid by the mammary gland to feed the offspring
requirements for lactation
intact mammary gland,
initiation and maitenance, of milk secretion, and ejection of milk
when maternal diet is inadequate, what is considered
the quality of milk is preserved over the quantity for the majority of nutrients
maternal diet does not alter the following in milk
protein, CHO, fat, major minerals
maternal diet does effect the following
fatty acid profile, some vitamins and trace minerals
what affects the community breath feeding rates
health care policies and procedures, and the knowledge and attitudes of health care providers
mammary gland consists of
glandular epithelium, ducts, connective tissue, and fat
breast development in childhood is considered
the quiescent period of mammary growth and activity
which period of breast development is in response to estrogen
what happens during adolescence breast development
glandular tissue proliferates, ducts elongate, growth of fibrous and fatty tissue, and pigmentation of aerola and nipple
when is breast maturation occur
12-18 months after first menstrual period and continues during child bearing years
how does a mature breast weigh
200 gm (1/2 lb)
for breast development during pregnancy, what secretes hormones that contribute to growth of mammary gland
what happens during the 1st trimester
proliferation of cells
what happens during the 2nd trimester
large lobules form which are clusters of secretory cells, ducts begin to dilate
what happens during the 3rd trimester
final preparation for lactation
what happens during the antepartum period of breast development
additional proliferation in response to prolactin, induction of enzymes in alveoli
how much does the breast weigh in the antepartum period
400-600 gm and can double/triple during pregnancy
iniation and maitenance involves
the nervous system and hormones especially prolactin
when does secretion of colustrum by breast occur
day 0-3 of lactation
when does the rapid increase milk secretion occur
day 4 of lactation
when is lactation well established
end of week 1 - multiparas
end of week 2 - primiparas
what is primiparas
woman with first child
general activity of lactation
colostrum for 2-3 days postpartum, the milk production, and most synthesis occurs during suckling
what stimulates milk production
what maintains milk secretion
pituitary hormonal factors
what inhibits milk production
what is milk ejection called
"let down reflex"
what promotes oxytocin secretion
what is the let down reflex influenced by
physiolocial factors, lack of stress is very important
duration of lactation depends on
continued suckling stimulation
where does the synthesis of FA and triglycerides occur
in the SER
how do milk components enter ductules
by apocrine secretion
where does the synthesis of milk proteins occur
in the SER
major milk proteins
casein and lactalbumin
what are the two major milk proteins released by
gogli apparatus and apocrine secretion
what is the predominant CHO
where is lactose released
into the ducts by apocrine secretion
what must come down before successful lactation
classification of mammalian milk is based on
composition and relation between mother and child