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confound is stupid
bewilder somebody: to puzzle or confuse somebody
upright supporting pole: a vertical pole, bar, or beam used to support something
hot and damp: oppressively hot and damp
sing with changing notes: to sing with trills and often changing notes ( refers to birds )
persuade gently: to persuade somebody gently to do something
obtain something by gentle persuasion: to get something from somebody by gentle persuasion
begin: to begin happening, or begin something
cause distress: to cause severe physical or mental distress to somebody
extra or repeated performance: an additional or repeated performance of something in response to a demand from an audience
absorb somebody's attention: to fascinate somebody or absorb all of somebody's attention
hypnotize: to hypnotize somebody, especially by a method formerly believed to involve animal magnetism
food: food or other provisions ( archaic or humorous )
band of wood: a long thin piece of wood, one of several sealed together to make the hull of a boat or the body of a container such as a barrel
rung or bar of wood: a bar or strip of wood or other material, especially one that forms a rung in a ladder or a crosspiece between the legs of a chair
immobilize somebody with fear: to cause a person or animal to become immobile with terror
turn something to stone: to become stone, or cause something organic to turn into stone
make or become deadened: to become dull, stiff, or deadened, or cause something to become dull, stiff, or deadened
talking when alone: the act of speaking while alone, especially when used as a theatrical device that allows a character's thoughts and ideas to be conveyed to the audience
section in play: a section of a play or other drama in which a soliloquy is spoken
sailing vessel: a sailing vessel rigged fore-and-aft with a large mainmast and a smaller mizzenmast toward the stern
ship's rowing boat: a small boat kept on a ship, rowed by four or six people
bed on ship or train: a bed, usually built-in, on a ship or a train
a place where a boat ties up anchor or where a motor vehicle parks
burial cloth: a cloth in which a dead body is wrapped before burial
protective covering: a protective covering, e.g. a guard for a piece of machinery
elevated or lofty in thought, language, etc.: (Paradise Lost is sublime poetry.)
supreme or outstanding: (a sublime dinner.)
complete; absolute; utter: (sublime stupidity.)
garment's neckband: the upright or turned-over neckband of a coat, jacket, dress, shirt, or blouse
band around neck of animal: a leather, plastic, fabric, or metal band placed around the neck of an animal to identify it or attach it to a lead or leash
deeply thoughtful: thinking deeply about something, especially in a sad or serious manner
abstinence from alcohol: total abstinence from alcoholic drink
restraint: self-restraint in the face of temptation or desire
trying to avoid being noticed: done quietly, slowly, and cautiously in order to escape notice
furtive: secretive, furtive, or cunning
large group or amount: a fairly large group or amount
platform for loads: a standardized platform or open-ended box, usually made of wood, that allows mechanical handling of bulk goods during transport and storage
pellets of ice: small balls of ice and hardened snow that fall like rain
pouring down of something harmful: a barrage of something such as missiles or insults
(a hail of exploding flying glass)
dress: a woman's or girl's dress
loose outer garment: a loose baggy outer garment with sleeves that covers the top half of the body to below the waist, traditionally worn by artists and farm workers
monk's gown: a loose full-length gown with wide sleeves worn by the monks, friars, or clerics of some religious orders
study of bumps on skull: the study of the bumps on the outside of the skull, based on the now discredited theory that these bumps reflect somebody's character
changing unpredictably: tending to change rapidly and unpredictably
wooden strip used in framework: one of the thin strips of wood used to form a framework to support plaster, tiles, or slates
search through things: to make a rapid search for or through something by carelessly moving and disarranging things
honest: honest or direct in a way that people find either refreshing or distasteful