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What are the side effects of ACE inhibitors and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers?
Cough, angioedema, rash, hyperkalemia, CONTRAIND IN PREGNANCY
One related to kinin potentiation and another related to blocking Antiotensin II production, another related to contraindication.
What are the side effects of the beta blockers?
bronchoconstriction (in asthmatics), sedation, hypoglycemia (diabetes)
What populations need you be especially careful with?
Which is the beta blocker with a niche in CHF because of its alpha 1 blocker (vasoldilator) activity?
"carve a niche in CHF"
Which antihypertensives can be used in Raynaud's syndrome and occasionally migraine?
calcium channel blockers
A, B, C or D?
What are the side effects of calcium channel blockers?
edema, headache, dizziness
related to vasodilation.
Which drug is a calcium channel blocker approved for the IV treatment of hypertension?
"in a cardiac emergency."
Which calcium blockers are more selective for vascular tissue?
the dihydropyridines: amlodipine, nifedipine (short acting), felodipine
dilate peripherine.
What are some common calcium channel blockers that are not dihydorpyridines and their niches?
diltiazem-depress AV conduction (mostly cardiac
verapamil-cardiac, also vasodil
dilay the heartbeat
Acts of the ENaC channel as a diuretic
What is Triamterene
Acts as an aldosterone antagonist and is rapidly gaining accceptance in the treatment of heart failure
What is Eplerenone
A player like spironolactone.
A CNS-acting antihypertensive that decreases sympathetic tone by stimulation of alpha 2 adrenergic receptors in CNS vasomotor areas. Causes vasodilation. (Side effs: dry mounth, sedation)
What is clonidine
Also Guanfacine and Guanabenz
-sympathetic "closing (center) in" the brain is shut off=vasodilation.
Which drug has is a central acting potential NE antagonist with a niche in pregnancy-related eclampsia hypertensive emergencies?
what is methyldopa
norepi is made from the same precursor as dopamine.
What drug is an alpha 1 adrenerrgic antaganist that interrupts sympathetic vascular tone at the a1 receptor level in arterioles and veins?
what is doxazosin
also terazocin and prazocin
"hypertension is hazardous in arterioles and veins"
What are the side effects of the alpha 1 adrenergic antagonists?
edema, dizziness, headache and postural hypotension
related to vasodilation
What are the adrenergic neuronal blockers that work by interfering with NE storage vesicles, causing depletion of NE? Side effs?
Guanethidine, Reserpine.
diarrhea and parkinsonian effects, sedation. Contraind in depression.
The iguana and the reserpent have a venom that blocks NE.