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Structurally similar to thiazide diuretics, but has opposite effect of Na and water retention. Very potent, and only given IV for hypertension emergencies.
What is diazoxide?
Causes hyperglycemia.
Thiazide, diaz . . . Its backwards.
Recombinant BNP, vasodil vascular smooth muscle. Sometimes given during acute CHF to attenuate dyspnea.
What is natrecor (nesiritide)?
Opens K channels resulting in hyperpolarization of vascular smooth muscle so that contraction is less likely.
What is Minoxidil?
May act through the release of NO and by opening K channels. Shorter acting than Rogaine and mainly acts on arterioles and not on veins.
What is hydralazine?
A component of Bi-Dil
A dopamine agonist that is reported to have a selective actiona t dopamine D1 receptors, leading to vasodilation.
What is fenoldopam?
Some group added on to dopamine.
Anti-esstrogen used as a breast cancer treatment, is an agonist in bone and uterus (bad)
What is Tamoxifen?
Also and anti estrogen in both breast and uterus, agonist in bone.
What is raloxifene?
Can exacerbate hot flashes.
Non-steroidal estrogen modifier, used to treat infertility. reduces neg feedback, so inc FSH and LH, so stim ovulation
What is Clomiphene?
Associated with multiple births. Think cloning.
Anti-estrogen, approved for tamoxifen-refractory metastatic breast cancer in post-menopausal women
What is Fluvestrant?
When your flow is abs-ant.
A testosterone deriv (has anti-estrogen and anti-androgen activity) that inhibits gonadotropin release. Used to treat endometriosis.
What is Danazol?
Side effects: hirsutism, weight gain, acne: makes danielle into a dan.
Potent competitive antagonist of both progesterone and glucocorticoid receptors, used to terminate early pregancy.
What is mifepristone?
Non-steroidal inhibitor of aromatase, used to treat breast cancer. Side effs: lethargy, rash ataxia, nausea.
What is anastrozole?
Inhibs the first step in synth of all steroids, and also inhib aromatase. Used for breast and prostate cancer and in Cushing's.
What is Aminoglutethimide?
It's just a generic drug name with a lot of group names in it.
Potent, non-steroidal androgen receptor antagonist. Used to treat metastatic prostate cancer. Side effs: hepatotox, gynecomastia, hirsutism.
What is Flutamide?
Makes him kinda flute-y. Also bicalutamide.
A progestin with anti-androgen activity. Used for prostate cancer.
Cyproterone acetate
lyce the prostate.
A mineralocorticoid receptor antagonis and weak androgen antagonist. Also inhibits testosterone synth. Approved to tx hirsutism.
What is spironolactone?
Drug also has another use as an anti-hypertensive.
Inhibitor of 5 alpha reductase. Used to treat BPH. Side effs: ejaculation disorders
What is Finasteride?
inhibits the final steroid development.