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what is numbers for HTN
sum up drug treatment for HTN
barorecptors with BB, RAAS with ACE and kidneys with diuretic
how do diuretics reduce BP
reduce blood volume, and reduce arterial resistance
why use loop over thiazide?
use loop when low GFR
what do CCB do?
they dilate arterioles
ACE ARBS and DRIs do?
prevent vasocontriction and prevent blood volume expansion
what does activation of alpha 1 do?
vasodilation of veins and arteries
alpha 1 angonists treat
problem with alpha 1 antagonists
cause rebound tachy which can cause angina CHF, othro hypo, nasal congestion, no ejac.
antidotes for alpha 1
example of alpha 1
prazisin or minipress
what does B1 do?
decrease HR, conductivity and contractility- long term- reduce PVR
clinical uses of BB
HTN- except AA, MI- best within 12 hours, angina- decrease O2 demand, dysrhymias- slow conduction
adverse for B1 block
brady, reduced CO, rebound cardiac excitment, depression, impotence
adverse for B2 blockes
bronchoconstriction, hypglycemia
BB interactions
CCB, insulin, dig (brady), diuretics (hypo), antacids
who is risk for taking BB
sinus brady, AV heart block, caution in HF, ( nonselective) asthma, diabetes, and allergies- suppresses epi
signs of heart failure
SOB, night coughs, swelling of extremities
what do ACES do?
suppress Angio which dilates arterioles and veins, suppress aldo- Increasing K, decrease Na, increase kinins- help prevent remodeling
what does BNP do and what is the value?
antagonizes angio and < 100
adverse of ACE
hyperkalemia, cough, 1st dose Hypo, angioedema, caporil (rash, dysguesia, and neutopenia), pregnancy, renal stenosis problems
ACE interactions
diuretics( 1st dose). antiHTN meds,drugs that raise K, lithium levels increase, NSAIDs (reduce hypo effects)
how are ARBs and ACEs different
ARBs do not help remodeling and they do not cause cough or hyperkalemia
BB help HF how?
improve EF, excercise tolerance, prolongs survival but takes 1-3 months
example of DRI