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The form that test orders are on?
A requisition
3 parts to dealing with a requisition?
Receiving, reviewing and accessioning the requisition
What is it called when we deal with a requisition in the order it was received?
Accessioning the requisition.
What are the 3 parts to step 2 in venipuncture procedures?
Approach, identify & prepare the patient
Name the steps in approaching the patient:
-Look for precaution signs
-Enter a patients room
-Don't interrupt physicians or clergy
-See if family is willing to leave room
-If patient is not in room, check in at Nurses station
-Identify yourself
-Have a professional and cheery bedside manner
Name the steps in Identifying a patient:
-Verifying Name and Date of Birth
-Check Identification bracelets
-Check a 3-way ID
-Check for discrepancies
-Is a bracelet missing?
-Wake, gently, sleeping patients
-If knocked out, check with nurse or relative for ID info
-Check outpatient ID
Name the required Requisition Information (10):
-Ordering physician's name
-Patient's first and last names and middle initial
-Patient's medical record number (if inpatient)
-Room number and bed (if inpatient)
-Billing information and ICD-9 codes (if outpatient)
-Patient's date of birth or age
-Type of test to be performed
-Date test is to be performed
-Test status (timed, fasting, priority, etc)
-Special precautions (latex sensitivity)
Name the items to look for when reviewing a requisition:
-Check to see that all required information is present and complete.
-Verify the tests to be collected and time and date of collection.
-Identify diet restrictions or other special circumstances that must be met prior to collection.
-Determine test status or collection priority
Name the steps in preparing the patient:
-Explain the procedure
-Give noncommittal answers regarding their inquiries
-NEVER lie to a child about it not hurting
Butterfly needle's proper name is:
A Winged infusion set
How do you clean the insertion site?
With an alcohol pad, in concentric circles
The degree that the needle needs to be at in order to draw blood from the antecubital area?
15° to 30°
The degree that the needle needs to be at in order to draw blood from the wrist area?
10° to 15°
How can you tell that, when using a butterfly needle, that you actually got the vein?
Blood "Flashes" from the hub to the tubing.
What is written, by us if not already on the label, on the tube?
-Their 1st and last names
-Their ID# or DOB
-Date and time of draw
-Our initials
-Info such as "fasting"
What is the maximum time a tourniquet should be left on?
1 minute
Are you allowed, as only a phlebotomist, to draw off of a "pic line"?
(Have nurse do it, using our tubes)