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Ht 1

Ji Quan
- shoulder
- wind stroke - paralysis of arm
HT 3

Shao Hai
He Sea, Water - Organ Excess

- Angina
- Insomnia due to excess fire
HT 5

Tong Li
Luo Pt. (SI)

- tongue ulcers
- UTI - transfer of heat to SI
- hematuria
- burning urination
HT 6

Yin Xi
Xi-Cleft - EXCESS
Pain & Bleeding
- tonifies and nourishes HT Yin (night sweats)
- palps
HT 7

Shen Men
Yuan Source
Shu Stream, Earth
Qi & Blood Xu
- tonifies
- HT/mind cxn

- Insomnia
- hysteria
- palps
- epilepsy - open orifices
- nourishes HT blood
HT 9

Shao Chong
Jing Well, Wood

Emergencies - ACUTE
- HT
- Heat
- Fever
- Sun Stroke