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Describe the HSV virus structure.
-Large ds DNA
-transcription, replication and assembly in nucleus.
What is the main pathogenic effect of HSV?
-Cell lysis that leaks fluid in b/t dermis and epidermis.
-Vesicles facilitate spreading.
Differnces b/t primary HSV1 and HSV2 infx?
-Primary HSV1 is generally asymp while HSV2 is sympt.
-HSV1 generally resolves while HSV2 can turn systemic.
Similarities b/t reactivated HSV1 and HSV2.
-Latent infx reside in sensory neurons.
-Reactivated infx are typically less severe and fewer in number.
-Frequent asymp shedding.
Why is congenital HSV2 common?
-Frequent asympt shedding.
-In Utero cases have high mortality.
HSV is the most common cause of sporatic, fatal encephalitis in US.
seen in immsupp, and high mortality.
How are HSV1 and HSV2 spread?
HSV1-saliva and feces, generally from asymp kids.
HSV2-SEX! Harrell Style.
What is the treatment for HSV? Any resistance?
Acyclovir - Nucleoside analog causing DNA chain termination in virally infx cells.
There are resistant strains, however they appear to be avirulent.