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Wants hereditary senate but otherwise democratic; halfway --> democracy but afraid of full democracy
power politics; LA accepted European model of power politics and imitated Europe
Brazil = very integrated thanks in large part to the "street"
Won't be provoked into fighting whites; shows how terrible the Boers were
Ambassador to M'Tesa; shows his disdain for African / Islamic culture and genious of M'Tesa playing muslims against British
Confessions of Taiping Rebels
extreme hunger / desperation --> banding together as rebels / outlaws
Proclamation of the Young Turks
Want rep. gov; Late-19th-Early 20th century; sucessful at first, but then the sultan dosen't go along w/ new constitution
Rauneach, A Village in the Punjab
Busy City Life; Men shop / women work / Still pre-industrial
Lewis - Minorities in the Ottoman Empire
Minorities get decent treatment buty unequal status in Ottoman Empire. This --> disgruntlement & 3 objectives (equal citizenship; independence; retention of old priveleges)
Bose - Stifling the Voice of Protest
British allowed almost complete freedom of press but layed smack down if you pissed them off