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What is the most commonly used psychoactive drug in the U.S.
Caffeine belongs to a group of chemicals called
What is the name of the 3 Xanthines>
Caffeine, Theiphyline, Theobromine
Give me an example of each of the xanthines: Caffein, Theiphyline, Theobromine
Caffeine- coffee, tea
Theiphyline- coffee tea
Theobromine- chocolate
What is the mild stimulate that is suppose to produce clearer flow of thought, mproves reaction time and makes you feel mored alert in the morning
How many Mg does a cup of coffe have in it?
Research tell us that a person who drinks X amount or less of coffee has no effects
If a person drinks X amount of coffee they will develope a dependance on caffeine
What is withdrawl?
to a drug usuallydo the oppostie of what the drug does.
How do you stop withdrawls?
By immediately getting more of the drug or they can just go cold turkey
What is Caffein Dependency syndrom?
What you intake gets up to 600 mg a day.
What are the side effects of Caffeine dependency synrom?
Sleep disturbance(insomnia), Gastrotestional problems(heart burn)
Certain forms of Cancer; Bladder, and reproductive problems
What is the general rule for drinking coffee?
Caffeine is not unhealthy until your caffeine intake reaches up to 600mg on a daily basis.
Give examples of what would happen if you drank these amounts of caffein per day.
250 no difference
350 you develope an caffeine dependency syndrom, but it still doesn't hurt your health
600 This is when the health problems start
What are the 3 exceptions to the rule for the dosage of caffeine?
1. children
2.Whomen who are pregnant
3.People who already have health problems
Janet Sackman is
She was know as the lucky strike girl, voice box partially removed because of cancer of the larynx
Who is David McClean
Marlboro Man, died of lung cancer and smoked 4-5 packs of cigs a day. smoked since he was 13yrs old.
What is the most successful marketing plan
Marlboro Man
What is the drug component of Tobacco
What is Nicotine
The drug component of tobacco products
What is State Dependence
When your brain gets comfortable with being in this state
When you smoke a cig over and over again, it is called
Titrating the drug
What is the Green Tobacco Sickness?
Tobacco poisioning, mostly occurs when the plant is wet because it absorbs into your blood stream
What is a Tobago?
A pipe the spaniard people smoked tobacco in
In Europe, what is the tobacco plants called
What is Herbapanacia
The herb that can cure anything, it's a cure all, smoked it in pipes and cigars
what stimulant could pay for the revolutionary war
What was the number one import product in the 1700'S
What the early church would call tobacco
Sot Weed or the Indian Vice
What is it called when you would take a little bit of tobacco and put it on paper and smoke it
Short smokes
Who produced a machine that could produce 200 cigarettes per min.
Albert Bonsack
Who was the man who fixed Bonsacks machine
Buck Duke
What developed a business that grew into the American Tobacco COmpany in New York
Buck Duck
Who was the developer of chewing tobacco
Based on religious reasons , smoking was referred to as
Coffin Nails, or smoking like the devil
Who was the first person to write an anti smoking paper
Dr. Bouisson
Who was Dr. Boisson
He was a french doctor who published an article that said that he treated 67 peopele with lung cancer and 66 of those people smoked
who was the person who opened peoples eyes to the relationship between disease and smoking
F.E. Tylecot
What were the studies that the Surgeon General did for the tobacco report
1. Animal studies
2. Autopsy Studies
3. Empodemology
What is Empodemology
The study of living populations.
What are the two types of Empodemology
Prospective studies and the Retrospective studies
what is prospective studied
What you take two groups of smoker and non smokers and you watch them for 3 years
What is Retrospective
when you look backward, go to hospital and interview people with enfaxema and compared findings.
What did the Surgeon Generals Report say about Nicotine
That there is an association between disease and smoking , the more you smoke the likely you'll get the disease
What is a Carcinogen
Cancer causing particals
What is Co-carcinogens
When they are mixed with other chemical and they produce cancer
What is COPD
Chronic obstructive pulmonary Disease
What are the 2 conditions of COPD
Chronic Bronchitis
Pulmonary Emphysema
What is Chronic Bronchitis
When the chest gets tights, burn and they cough, fever.condition is reoccuring, get condition oncek then twice a year.
Blinking Light, they can recover.
What is Pulmonary Emphysema
Lungs lose elasticity and you have less surface area, difficult for person to breath.Person is always trying to catch a breath. It puts a strain on your heart and that's what kills you.
What is reconstituted tobacco
Using left of tobacco and they put extract in cigarettes
Who is phillip morris
started selling tobacco products in great britan, main reasons for promotion it
What is the project of tobacco companies
XA cigarette that had no cancer causing agents, no nicotine
Who is Stanley Rosenblatt
Lawyer who won the first tobacco case
What are the diseases smoking causes
Chronic Bronchitis
Lung Cancer
Heart Disease
Cancer of the oral cavities
Gestational problems
tobacco angina
What is Tobacoo Angina
sharp pain in chest from inhaling smoke
Who is Frued
He is prototype of tobacco addiction
What is Rutin
protein found in tobacco and it's a catalyst(if your 20 your lungs look like 40)
What are the strategies of tobacco companies to keep you smoking
Manipulation of nicotine
Development of low tar cigarette
putting money into politics
selling tobacco overseas
What is a tobacco lobbyist called
Black Hat
what is the greatest stimulant of natural orgin
Who is Angeo Maralonie
he extracted cocain fromt he leaf and put it in wine
Who is C. John Pemberton
He marketed french win coca adn and african cola nut named coca cola
What was the main use of pure cocaine in the mid 1800's
They need to boost moral in the germany army
Who is Theodore Ashtenbred
came up the idea to give troops injections of pure cocain
What is the army/soldiers disease?
When soldiers had a morphine addiction
Who thought he had a cure for the army disease
who is Dr. Van Fleishchol Marxow
he had an addiction to morphine
What is Normacation
when you have hallucinations of bugs crawling all over your boday.
How can you take cocaine
what are the effects of cocaine
the high is replaced by a period of depressiona dn fatique that can last hrs./days
describe the following
Smoke it
line if sniffed with single movement...blow
produces a FLASH
Crack cocain or free base cocaine
What is the negative effects of cocaine
what is anhedonia
inability to experience pleasure, only thing that makes you feel better is cocaine
What is an Bobmata
mixing cocaine w/ liquid amphetamines. Produces an orgasmic feelilng
What is a speed ball
cocaine and herion mixed together, lenthens euphoric effect
Baseball technique
includes both clean and dirty basting, depends on what chemical you use to remove the impurities
what is the kindling effect
when you alter your brain chemisty and you develop a super sensitivity to the drug.
What is gremmies
marijuana joine with crack in it
What is space basing
pcp and marijuana joint
What does PCP make you feel like
your in a warm blanket or a Zombie
What are the 3 things cocada refer to
1. chewing coca leaves like tobacco
2 amount of time the effects of cocaine will last
3 distance a person can walk under the infulence
What are the 3 categories of speed drugs
1 amphetamine
2 amphetamine conginers
3 amphetamine look a likes
what is the Khat Leaf
mild stimulant
What is amphetamines
powerful stimulants that make you feel good
What drug was used to treat narcolepsy
what is narcolepsy
when a person repeatly falls a sleep
What is Benzedrine
amphetamines that was sold without a perscription
What did they call benzedrex/ benzedrine on the street
cross tops, whites , bennies
What is Detraamphetamine
used as a diet pill in 1960's
What is the house wife syndrome
when she is taking uppers in the morning and downers at night
What are the street names for Dextraamphetamine
ice, glass , shaboo
What is Snot
film from cooking amphetamine and is a smoking mixture
What are the effects of ice
smoking it lasts 8-24 hrs. effects are immediate and sense of euphoria, person is always on the go
what is methamphetamin hydrochloride known for
crystal or crystal meth
methamphetamin sulfate
called crank, if mixed with cocain...super crank...they call them tweakers cranksters
Black beauties
combo of all methamphetamine
used for narcolepsy and depression
who are the people who abused Amphetamines
truck drivers
house wives
professional athletes
Truck drivers used this drug to stay awake
What is a speed run
the longer a person stays awake on speed, the longer the run.
Speed drugs resemble what hormone
Effects of using speed drugs
1. anti social babbling
2 sleep deprivation
3nutrition deficiencies
4 increased to disease
5 crash
6 Paranorma
7 violence
8 psychotic reaction
what replaced dexedrin and dexamille diet pills
amphetamine congeners
what are amphetamine congerners
less addicitive speed drug
What is an example of amphetamine conginers
What is CHAAD
lobbying group to get gov. to relax restriction so more can be available