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any substance when taken into a living organism that can modify one or more functions.
You take this w/ the intention of nutriment or maintenance of life
This is concerned with maintaining or restoring human health through its study, diagnosis, and treatment
prevention of disease, is an antigenic preparation used to establish immunity to a disease
What do they use to restore physiological homeostasis
pills are widely used and are generally safe and effective for many women. Did a lot to contribute to new morality and philosophy as a response to AIDS.
Oral Contraceptives
alters your mood or perceptions
Psychoactive drugs
dishonest doctor writes prescriptions on street to get extra money & knows that the person just wants to get high.
(psychoactive drug) like beer, wine, tobacco, caffeine(most used)
Over the counter
like oxycotin or morphine
Illegal drugs
things never meant to be abused as psychoactive drugs (glue, gasoline).
barks, seeds, etc. That can result in psychoactive behavior.
Natural Drugs
substances that depress the activity of the central nervous system.
drugs that temporarily increase alertness and wakefulness.
Examples of stimulantes
Cocaine, caffeine
senses become mixed up, is a neurological condition in which two or more bodily senses are coupled
is capable of dissolving resistance to therapy.
getting attention off of subject that’s intense, painful, or used LSD for this purpose in 50’s & 60’s; said to unlock the reason /secret to mental illness. It is the reduction in effectiveness of a drug in curing a disease or improving.
is an injection of a chemical to alter mood or perception. Is a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity.
a behavior that interrupts daily life
behavior that doesn’t cause problems
Chemical name
Long and complicated
Generic name
name give to substance when all followed w/ same formula; doesn’t matter which company it’s by.
Trade name
implies ownership & name is trademarked (Bayer)
Street name
drug is usually known or called on the street
Brand name
device to make drug more attractive to people that want to buy drugs, and is often untrue; example orange sunshine
what happens to you depends on the dosage
Dose dependant drugs
how drug gets into blood stream
Route of administration
Ways to take drugs
Oral- by mouth, inhalation, injection or sniffing
What is a way to take drugs that is absorbed into blood stream through walls of intestine so liquid drugs are quick to get into blood stream because it’s already dissolved.
what's the advantage of taking oral drugs?
effects last longer, more convenient and you don’t need paraphernalia.
What's the disadvantage of taking oral drugs?
you don’t know how much will reach blood stream.
What type of drugs make you throw-up. These are usually administered in emergency situations after ingestion of a toxin
Emetic drugs
What do they give you to make you throw-up when you take drugs
Syrup of ipecac
it is a method of putting liquid into the body with a syringe and a hollow needle that punctures the skin. (Smoking crack is quicker than injection)
What method of drugs is taken in as a gas/smoke; absorbed through lungs.
what's the advantage of inhalants
High peak effects
what's the disadvantage of inhalants
inhaling things is irritating to body
What method of drug is absorbed through mucus membrane of the nose
What's the advantgage of sniffing
fairly easy to regulate dose & peak effect semi-high
what's the disadvantage of sniffing
fairly expensive; can rot nose septum
length of time of drug is going to react w/ your body
Duration of effects
may be limited due to chemical reasons, but generally effect all areas organs.
is known to have an effect on development only at a particular period of embryonic or fetal development. Caused devastating birth defects.
negative reaction, because of distribution you’re going to have negative effects – all systems are effective.
Untowed effects/side effects-
Chemical process of breaking down drug into simpler/smaller points.
body takes metabolized drug- expels and expels it (can be through sweat, breath, urine, breast milk)
how a person expects a drug (expectations) will effect him. Even if the thought only vaguely resemble possible outcomes(The placebo effect)
happy mood is exaggerated, if sad mood gets worse.
Mood taking drug
defense mechanisms inhibitions suppressed emotions.
Least misrepresented drug is
Most misrepresented drug is
lowest dose where something happened to the body
taking drug away, with withdrawal symptoms or abstinence systems
Drug dependence
dop sick, physical effects are seen when withdrawl are seen when addict needs substance
taking drug away with drawl systemtion or absentee.
Drug Dependance
strongest pain relievers around
more is need for a certain effect
pretend that problems don’t exist to avoid confrontation. (rule of silence
Enabling behavior
decreasing responsiveness to one drug- results to a tolerance to another chemically relate drug. (illegal narcotics)
Cross tolerance
What do you called it when you need drug to perform
Psychological dependence
What are the sign & symptoms of drug use?
Change of attitude,withdrawaling from responsibility,Secretive,deteriation of appearance, certain behaviors
What are the different non- problematice patterns of using drugs?
Non-using;abstinent, Exploratory behavior;curosity,
Circumstancial use; situations for using,
Social;social drinker
What are the problematic patterns of using drugs?
Intensified use;rely on it to make yourself better,
Problematic use;needing more and more-tolerance changes,
Compulsive use; think a lot of using the drug
risk factors of becoming a drug addict
euphoric recall, progression, loss of recall, relapse
5 ways to treat drugs
Detoxify,combat an overdose,mae drug taking useless or adverse,to maintain a person on a fuctional level,combat the anxiety & depression.
a person who will mix any drug together to get high.
Poly drug abuser
situation in which a combination of 2 or more drugs produces an effect far greater than the sum. 2+2= 36.
Synergism effect
instead of making you high it makes you sick. Your not having the effect you would like to have.
Antagonist effect
2+2=4 taking and antihistamine and take a beer, both make you sleepy
Additive effects
3 characteristics of an addictive personality
Denial, minimalization,manipulation
People that do drugs for a long time, once they stop, they don’t get back to where they were. There is minimal brain damage.
Post hallucinogenic drug perceptual disorder
take steroids for 6 weeks than don’t take it for a while and then 6 weeks later taking them again.
more than one type of steroids at a time, taking several
The love drug was also known as?
Quaaludes, generic name-matholode, wallbangers
Drug that makes you a better lover?
3000 years ago opium was known as
Joy Plant
What are the categories that tranquilizers fall into
Major & Minor
What is know as a antipsychotic agent, they treat major states of mental distrubance
What is know as antianxiety agents or anxiolytics. They are used to treat and tension
Minor Tranquilizers
List some minor tranquilizers
Valium, Librium
what is a GABA gamma-aminobutyric acid
Neurotransmitter, can get people high, you can get it on the street. Helps people cope.
What is a behavior that interrupts daily life
What is the behavior that doesn't cause problems
What are the risks of becoming a drug addict
Euphoric recall, progression, loss of control, relapse
when you mix drugs the following can happen...2+2=4t taking a antihistamine and a beer, they both make you happy
additive effects
what is heroin & cocaine
what are the risk factors of becoming a drug addict
euphoric recall, progression, loss of control, relapse
What are different patterns of problemmatic drug use?
Intensified use, problematic use, compulsive use
what are the 3 short term effects of drug use?
User variable(person taking drug),setting(temperature, lighting,sound), what drug you're taking(dose,purity)