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Who gave us a soul?
Name 3 symbolic numbers, tell what they symbol, and give some examples.
7-perfection, holiness-creation stories, Joshua and Jacob
12-holiness-the 12 apostles, the 12 tribes of Isreal, 12 sons of Jacob, 12 baskets of food
40-a long time-the time it took for one generation to pass and start again, Noah's ark, Jeusus fast 40 days, Isrealites wandered desert 40 yrs, Jesus was whipped 40x
What does "Penta" mean in Greek?
When does God form a covenant with Abraham?
when abram leaves UR and follows God's command to go to a better place
refers to the extra books in the (protestant) bible
In the Critical approach, before we attempt to find out the Hebrews writing we need to attempt to understand what (3)?
culture, politics, customs
The story of Genisis is the story of what?
how God intervened in human history
What concept does the scientific approach deny? Give an example.
religious truth

there is truth to the religious claim that God created our universe and gave humans a special place in it
What is one thing thaat the Concordist would suggest (hint: day)?
1 biblical day=several thousand years
We need to try to understand what the bible writers were saying to the people of (1) (2) time and culture. If we understand that, we might be able to understand what they are trying to (3) to us.
Give 3 examples of etiology?
"Paul Buyon", Phaeton geography-climate, ice caps, deserts, dark/light skin, "Moabites and Ammonites"
Who is the authorship of the Pentatuch generally tributed to?
What are the 3 creation stories?
the world
the covenant between God and man
What are the first five books of the bible?
What are the three parts of the covenant that God makes with Abraham?
-that Abraham will be the father of a great nation
-that the nation will have a land of its own
-from that nation(land), all the land of the earth will be blessed (talking about Jesus from Isreal)
What approach states that there is some reason science and the bible disagree and tries to harmonize the 2 accounts?
Concordist approach
What approach goes beyond the written record in the bible and tries to understand the bible in its own terms (not ours)?
Critical approach
What do the root words in Concord mean (con and cord)?
a story made up after the fact to explain something already in exsistence
Not only are the 3 main symbolic numbers sacred but also what is sacred?
multiples of the numbers
In the bible time frame, what 2 things were considered the author?
speaker and writer
What is the difference between a covenant and a contract?
covenant- personal feelings, trust and love, binding with honor
contract-agreement between 2 different parties, responsibilities for all parties, legally binding document, not personal
What is the bible (8)?
collection of works written by people influenced by God, the word of God, Holy book, the basis for our religion, guide for how we should live, stories about God, history of the Jews, storiews about the life and death of Jesus
Is the Bible the "Word of God"?
Yes, but not in a literal sense. We need more info to understand the bible correctly.
The bible is not a (1) that should be used to prove things. The bible writers were attempting to show that God...(2).
(2)played a role in their lives
What kind of truth is the bible and what kinds of truths are there(4)?
the bible is RELIGIOUS truth.
mathematical, historical, physical, and religious
What approach is it when ever science in the bible disagree or conflict, go with science?
scientific approach
What approach does the Catholic Church use to understand the bible?
What does it have to do with (hint:prove)?

It is none the less (1) and (2).
It has little or nothing to do with having to prove factually any kind of physical data.

There are ex. of other truths in the bible, but the bible wasn't written for what?

Bible writers wanted others to know that they believed that God was what?
those purposes.

responsible for everything.
Who were a primative people and what was there a tremendous amount of?
The HEBREWS were a primative people that had a tremendous amount of FEAR.
What are all humans afraid of? Name one example. What has helped us define our world?
All humans are afraid of the UNKNOWN, like the DARK. SCIENCE and INTELLIGENCE has helped to define our world.
In order to calm fears of the unknown, what did the primative people do? What is there always in this?
They created MYTHS. Myths always had SOME TRUTH to it.
The Ancient Hebrew culture was a culture that involved the what that was passed down from generation to generation?
spoken truth
Since our cultures are so (1), it is important that we attempt to (2) (3) culture before we try to (4) what they were saying.
The Hebrews believed that God had what in their lives?
a saving presence
What changed stories over the years before they were written down?
word of mouth
The bible was eventually (1) and (2). What were the 3 stages the bible undergoed when they were written down?

oral, written, edited
What do all humans seek answers for?
questions concerning their fears, superstitions, and the "unknown"
What are the questions that science can't answer even though they are legitiment and deserve answers (5)?
Who am i? What am I worth? Am I important? What's life really about? Do i fit in?
What are three things based on faith (hint: not including religion)?
friendships, partnerships, marriages
Because we must use language to display our thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and because language is a vehicle that is less than perfect, we make up for it by the use of what?
conscious exaggeration
What is the religious truth in the story "Joshua and the Battle of Jericho"?
that the Jews felt that God had saved them
Inspiration is a (1), we cannot explain it. [(2) (3)] (4) inspiration is a (5) also that we cannot explain. Inspiration is motivated by the (6) or (7) of someone else.
Why is biblical inspiration very different from inspiration?
b/c authors of the bible could have been unaware that what they were writing was God's word. They wrote what they felt strongly about (their belief in God, who cared for them)
refers to the fact that there are no mistakes of religious truth in the bible
What is the basic, literal approach?
When reading the "Word of God", what do fundamentalists tend to ignore? By ignoring this, it allows what kind of attitude?
the meaning

self-righteousness, "God is on my side"
What are some words that have changed meanings? Give their old and new meaning.
nice-foolish, silly-kind
gay-carefree, happy-homosexual
cool-cold-in style, fashionable
tight-stingy-cool, bad, sweet
the bomb-explosive-cool, bad, sweet
What kind of changes that have taken place in our world do we have to be aware of? (fundamentalist)
changes in word meanings, that in the bible simple logic is denied, changes in cultures
What are 4 examples of where simple logic is denied?
creation story- day 1 God seperates light from darkness while on day 4, he creates the sun, moon, and stars
battle arms- the earth stops rotating
evolution took long periods of time while creation was 6 days
2nd law of Thermodynamics(things left unintended tend more disorganization)-some kind of force is necessary in this creation business
What pope condemned Fundementalism as "referal to understand scripture"? What period was this?
Pope Pius XII, 1940s
Where are the 3 covenants fulfilled?
in the book of Genesis, exodus-- OLD TESTAMENT is a the story how the jews win land
What two reasons did Jesus come to us?
to show us how to live and to save us
Give some examples of how Jesus "saved us".
open gates of heaven
died for our sins
life after death
destroys original sin