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What is Full Mantience?
A paid apartment, 3 places in the Hotel, Driver, doesn't pay for food, a place to stay, has a cook. A credit card with unlimited spending.
What is the oldest hotel school that teaches HRTM?
Cornel University
The military only uses military management in their clubs. True or False!
The University of South Carolina has the number 9 HRTM program in the country. True or False!
Coon has 3 Porches. True or False!
Name some benefits of HRTM.
Full maintenance, medical, bonus, stock options, profit sharing, travel, expense account, and never go hungry.
What is the average starting salary for a 4 year grad in HRTM?
$28,000 to $35,000
What is the average salary for a Hotel's General Manager?
What is the average salary for a General Manager getting a Bonus?
What is a highway property hotel general manager's salary?
$51,000 to $60,000
What is a suburban property hotel general manager salary?
$64,000 to $10,000