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The systematic application of rules (or standards) for assigning number (or scores) to the attributes or traits of an individual.
Physical: (Gender) Can be assessed through direct observation. Psychological: (intelligence) must be inferred from a metric or observable score that represent an individual's standing on these unobserved psychological attributes.
A definition of what constitutes employee success on the job.
A measure of an employee attribute identified through a job analysis as being important for job success.
Nominal Scale
Composed of two or more mutually exclusive categories. Numbers assigned to scale carry no meaning.
Ordinal Scale
Individuals ranked from "high" to "low" on some variable. Numbers assigned to scale categories indicate relative position.
Interval Scale
Uses equal interval unites of measurement. Assumes that attribute is normally distributed. No absolute zero point.
Ratio Scale
Like interval scale but with absolute zero point. Numerical values can be added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided to form comparisons among individuals.
Individuals who can provide accurate judgments about the tasks performed on the job, the KSAs necessary for performing these tasks, and any other information useful for developing selection measure content.
Scores of relevant others in a group. Show relative standing in a group, not what an individual score means. Should be locally accumulated and developed. Norms are transitory.
Standardization Group
Scores of relevant others in a group.
Race Norming
The practice of ranking test scores of minorities separately from non-minorities, and of choosing high scores with each group in order to create or maintain a more diverse workforce.
Percentile Score
Used to report normative data. Show the percentage of persons in a norm group who fall below a given score on a measure.
Standard Scores
Indicate, in common measurement units, how far above or below the mean score any raw score is.
Stanine Scores
Rank order scores from lowest to highest.