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When job-related information is collected from applicants and offers of employment are given to those who apparently possess the necessary KSAs to do well on the job.
When offers of employment are given with no evaluation of the applicant's job-related qualifications.
The factual information about how to do the job and the necessary skills and abilities an individual must possess in order to perform the job.
Strategic human resource management
-Activities that align the number of employees and their performance with the goals of the firm.
-Forecast supply & demand
-Financial, Physical, Human
-Set goals
Organizational activities that influence the number of and types of employees who apply for a position.
Realistic job preview (RJP)
Applicants are given the negative aspects of the job as well as the positive.
Job analysis
A purposeful systematic process for collecting information on the important work-related aspects of a job.
To provide evidence that data from the selection instruments are related to job performance.
Quantitative description - The use of numbers.